Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aquaphor Lip Repair SPF is here!! Also Swim Caps and The Zebug!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment is an awesome and extremely versatile product and now they've gone above and beyond and made one of their products even better!!

Aquaphor Lip Repair was released last year and I immediately loved the stuff! And this year they've added Sun Protection Factor 30 to the formula!!! On the Aquaphor US Facebook page they asked us what we would like to see and a lot of us spoke up and said we would love to see  Sunscreen added to the Lip Repair! I don't know if this was already in the planning or they listened to their customers but either way I'm really happy!! Aquaphor Lip Repair differs slightly from original Aquaphor in that it is enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamins C and E, and soothing Chamomile essence. 

The only place I've been able to find the original Lip Repair around here has been Target and so I checked online to see if they would be carrying the new SPF product - yes!!!   In stock and I was on my way to nab some!!  If you don't see it in your store ask them to stock it!

I have a problem with my lips burning - mostly in the early season and if they do and I couple it with stress (like the first long bike ride of the season) I end up with a sun or fever blister on my lip. Nice. So I keep SPF 30 in a little lip container on my bike.  It's called a ZeBug and I have one on both of my bikes.  Very handy for filling with your favorite lip sunscreen.  I got my first ZeBug back in the 1980's as some swag in a race packet and several years ago went searching to see if they were still being produced.  The owner was really nice and happy to hear how I liked his product.  I've ordered a couple times because I keep giving them away to my friends!  They go really well on your bike handlebars or a watch band - check out the website!!

One other thing to report!  After my teammates on Team Aquaphor saw my photos from the swim meet they all wanted to know where I got my swim cap.  I got mine from a teammate a couple years ago when we both swam the Lake Waccamaw 4 mile open water swim.  She brought me one of hers to wear.  Kacie was sponsored by Aquaphor as a swimmer so they'd sent her a couple caps.  I went searching for swim caps online and found SwimCaps4Less.  For an order of 100+ caps the silicone are only $6 each and that price includes artwork setup and delivery.  We had about 60 people on the team order caps and topped the 100 mark.  They turned out great and now Aquaphor Team Management is considering adding them to our race gear for next year!!

My friend, Judy and her daughters modeling the Team Caps!