Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GOTRIbal Goodies!!!

A while back I filled out an opinion survey for GOTRIbal. I was really surprised when I received the following email a couple weeks ago!! 

We at GOTRIbal absolutely LOVE sharing some of the goodies we are bestowed with by some of our favorite supporters. We are also SO fortunate to receive the opinions and feedback of women in our tribe, and want to share the goody-licious with them whenever we can.
So, we randomly selected a group of survey respondents and YOUR email came up!"

"An organization created to empower and connect women through the journey of endurance sport.  GOTRIbal empowers, engages and excites women through the journey of endurance sports, and offers members the connections, mentorships and resources to realize their toughest goals. Whether those be ON or OFF the race course, in or out of the gym -- it doesn't matter."

I had no idea what kind of goodies they were talking about.   All they asked me was to send a check to cover the shipping.  Today a BIG box was on my doorstep when I got home from my run!!  It was filled with the most awesome stuff!!!!!!  And to top it all off - everything was my size!

  • A GOTRIbal HeadSweats visor!
  • A GOTRIbal t-shirt!
  • An Xterra t-shirt!
  • An Xterra Transition Bag!
  • A Cytomax Waterbottle!
  • A GOTRIbal race number belt!
  • Tyr Cycling Capris!!  Autographed by Chrissie Wellington!!
  • And a bunch of cool GOTRIbal stickers!

You can't really tell but I'm pointing at the autograph!
Cool visor, huh?

That's Bogey with his little monkey.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!  Thank you GOTRIbal!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Facing Disapointment

Yesterday was a mentally tough day for me. 

Yesterday morning was the One Hour Postal Swim at my Masters Swim workout.  I was really looking forward to seeing what I could do. 

I've been working really hard on my swimming.  Three times a week 5:30 am workouts - yawn.  My stroke has been completely changed by my coach and it's made a huge difference in my speed.  Where I used to do my 100 repeats on 1:45 and bring them in on the 1:30, sometimes 1:25-1:30.  Now I can do them on the 1:30 and bring them with rest to spare.

So this one hour swim....  everyone that came to workout was doing a straight one hour swim. There wasn't an option - too many people to do two different workouts.  But, I think there were only 3 of us planning on submitting our times to USMS (US Masters Swimming).  I wasn't a member and joined last week to the tune of $44.  Ouch.

So long story short there were 3 of us in my lane.  And it was a fiasco.  Jodi and I swim about the same pace but the other guy who got in our lane hasn't been consistent at all about coming to practice - starting to see the picture??  He's a fast sprinter - 1:11 on a 100 the other day but his endurance is crap.  I think I lapped him 6-7 times.  And his lane etiquette was also crap.  Anyone remember the Clint Eastwood movie Heartbreak Ridge and how he described the situation??

The coach brought in some volunteers from his senior swim team to time us and check off our laps.  I overheard that the bribe was that they could miss Thursday morning practice. The poor guy counting our lane had three of us all swimming way different paces and both Jodi and I wearing blue swim caps.  I'm an idiot here - I'd brought my Team Aquaphor cap and was planning on wearing it, I even put it on but then it felt loose so I wore my regular silicone one.  It would have made it easier on him counting laps for us.

I was watching some of my splits on the time clock and could tell that I was bringing all of my 100's in under 1:30 (which would have given me 4000).  A 1:25 pace would have given me the 4220 that I was hoping for.  When I finished and saw my sheet it was a hot mess.  The coach told me to go through and check the splits.  Most of them seem correct with the hundreds being in the 1:24 - 1:29 range.  But then there are a several 1:38's, a :45, a 2:03, a 1:57, and a 2:13.   I wasn't ever swimming that slow - or that fast. 

I was really, really disappointed.  Not mad and not really upset but almost depressed.  I don't think I can submit this time.  Fail.

So what did I do to shake off my funk?  Went and met my friends Judy and Lesley at 8:30 am on the Trace and ran 6 miles!!  Judy swam for Auburn on a full ride and is my sounding board for my swimming.  She gets it.  I'd called her the day before for some last minute advice - she told me to really work the walls, concentrate on the streamline - it can mean a second.  

Immediately they both started thinking of how I could re-swim the One Hour.  Judy said she would time it and bang on the kick board if I dropped below the 1:25's.  They both said they'd give up their workout to time me.  I don't think I'll do it but that is friendship.  They are awesome.  Thank you girls. 

We had a good chat during our run.  We went for coffee at Starbucks afterwards and the sun came out in my heart. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Long May You Run

I ran 8 miles on Sunday!  That's the farthest that I've run since before my last knee surgery in December 2009.  I miss the long run.  You know when your shorts are soaking wet from sweat by the time you get home?  Haven't had one of those in many, many years.   Here are some nice pictures of the inside of my knee during the surgery.  Pretty...

I had what is called a Micro-Fracture surgery.  This one was on the weight bearing surface of the femur.  What that means is crutches for 6 weeks and NO RUNNING for 6 months.  The doctor finds the "defect" in the cartilage and removes it and then proceeds to punch little holes in the bone to make is ooze, bleed and form "scar cartilage".   Back in 2002 I had the same thing happen to the other knee but it was on the front of the femur under the kneecap.  It was still 6 months of no running but this one had me in a brace from ankle to hip for about 3 weeks.  I'm lucky that I had really, really good surgeons both times.  The first one was in Dallas - Dr. Robert Scheinberg.  And the 2nd one was in Wilmington -
Dr. Bob O'Malley.  Both of them were really surprised by my recovery.  I was told by a cycling friend and pain management Doctor, Tom Florian in Fayetteville that he believes that I form scar tissue well.  Good for me!!  Yay!

So my knees hurt.  Pretty much all the time when I run.  The only time they don't hurt is in a race.  I think the endorphins and adreneline take over and mask the pain.  I really shouldn't run anymore but I just can't give it up yet.  I love to run. 

I'm training for the New Orleans Rock n' Roll Half Marathon.  So I have a few more "long" runs to come in the next few weeks.  I'm not looking forward to the knee pain but I really am looking forward to the time out there. 

I have a lot of friends on Team Aquaphor who are Ultra Distance runners, I envy them.  I wish I could have my 10 miler every weekend like the old days.  Some day I'll have to stop.  My husband keeps warning me that I'll have to have a knee replacement someday.  Maybe I can get Lindsey Wagner's bionic knees!

Here is a little history:

A little over 32 years ago I started running.  I was a freshman at Southern and thought I'd give it a try.  My very first run was in some Adidas Rom tennis shoes, I made it about a half a mile before I walked.  I remember it was fall and at night.  The next time I went out to run I ran for about a mile and a half.  Then I went to the local running store - I don't remember the name of the store but I remember I got some Brooks running shoes - they were blue and white.  The salesperson didn't help me much, didn't look at my feet or anything and I ended up in exactly the wrong kind of shoe for my feet.  Back then Brooks was perfecting the Varus wedge, designed to help overpronators.  I have rigid feet and supinate so I promptly ended up with some knee pain from the shoes.  I don't remember what shoes I got next but I do remember buying Bill Rogers and Dolphin running shorts and even (gasp) wearing them to class. Sports bras weren't even around yet. 

When I was a sophomore or junior (I don't remember which) we still had to take two Physical Education classes to fulfill our course requirements.  I took a gymnastics class and then helped out with the tiny tot classes offered on campus.  I lived off campus - I think about 2 miles away from the gym and used to run to train with the gymnastics team and then run home afterwards. 

For my second P.E. class I took an Aerobics class, no not the "dance" aerobics class but a running class!  It was an 8am MWF class - bleh.  I was still working out with the gymnastics team and teaching and one day I was running to the workout - I was just by the football field and the Aerobics class instructor came driving by and told me "I see you running everywhere, you don't need to come to class anymore"!  SWEET!!  Easy A and no more 8am class!  Yay me!!

I didn't do my first race until years later - 1984.  The Sawmill Square Classic 5K in Laurel MS.  Went home after the race to get ready for work and didn't find out until later that I'd placed!  I think I still have that medal somewhere.  I had no idea how fast anyone ran, I'd always run by myself - ran a 22:00 5K that morning. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swim For An Hour a.k.a. Going Postal

Next Wednesday I'm swimming in the USMS Speedo One Hour Postal National Championships.  It's basically an hour long straight swim recording your distance, which is then submitted to the USMS (United States Masters Swimming).  It must be swum during the month of January and the YMCA Hub Fins Masters are swimming it next week. 

Objective: To swim as far as possible in one hour in any pool you choose that is 25 yards or longer. Event results are sent in electronically or by mail so you can compare yourself to other swimmers doing the same event. Some people do the One Hour Postal event for competition, while others do it for fitness; all who wish to participate are welcome. The recorded distance (total yards swum) that you submit determines the order of finish.

So of course I immediately calculated how many yards there are in 2.4 miles.  Why 2.4 miles you ask??  Because that's the distance of the swim in Ironman.  The three times that I've done the Ironman my swim times were:  1:07 IM Canada w/wetsuit, 1:11 IM Florida w/wetsuit (fiasco*), and 1:05 IM Louisville no wetsuit but with a current for part of the swim.  There are 4220 yards in 2.4 miles - that's my goal, 4220 in an hour.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it??  See you at the pool!!

*At IM Florida I had a wetsuit freak out and swam the first loop with my wetsuit completely unzipped to keep from having a full blown panic attack.  Zipped it up for the 2nd loop.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Race Reviews

In my last post I listed my planned races for the upcoming season.  Today while running with my friends Judy and Lesley I mentioned that was thinking about giving a brief review of my opinion of each race.  Some may be useful information and other stuff totally just my opinionated blather. 

So here goes!   

NOLA Rock n' Roll Half Marathon - March 4 -13.1 grueling miles
I can't say a lot about this race since I haven't done it before but was happy to learn that they are going to have gender specific drifit shirts!!!  Being a small person this made me immensely happy!!  Men's tech shirts typically have tight necks, really long and loose sleeves and for me can be worn as a dress!  The location of this race alone however speaks volumes!!!  It's NOLA baby!!!  There is also the really cool bonus that I've managed to talk a lot of our family that live in New Orleans to do the race too!!!!  The Spansels are going to rule the Rock n' Roll!!  One niece, Michelle was already signed up and that's what gave me the idea to do it too.  Then my husband Bill got on board, his brother Charlie, his sister Nina another niece Amy is coming in from Houston too!!  I'm still working on a couple others!  I'm going to run it for fun (but hope if my knees hold up for a top 10 age group finish!)

Tradition's Triathlon - Biloxi, MS
March 31 - 1/3 mile swim / 17 mile bike / 3 mile run
Early Entry Fee:  $60
Can't report on this one either since I've never raced it except that it's pretty close to where my sister Connie lives and am hoping that maybe she can come out for the race.  She's never seen me in a triathlon ever - so that would make this really awesome!!

Crawfishman Triathlon - Grand Hills Estates, Bush, LA
May 6?? - 1000 yard swim / 18 mile bike / 4 mile run
Early Entry Fee: ??
"Spanish Moss in my hand, Turn me into Crawfishman!!"  A totally cool race in Covington, LA.  Last year Bill's sister Nina, her husband Lonnie and Nina's son Scott visiting from Virginia (he was training at Keesler - he's serving our country in the Navy - so proud of him) came out to watch this race!!  It's in great venue and has a nice long swim (yay!!) a pretty tough bike course and a hilly 4 mile run. Wave swim start! Cotton t-shirts with a really cool logo, there aren't many cotton shirts at the races anymore so this was really neat to get.  A crawfish claw key chain that doubles as a bottle opener (this is Louisiana after all!).  Post race food and beverage were awesome!!!  Red Beans and Rice, Jambalaya, Hubig's Pies!!, all kinds of cookies etc, beer AND they were blending up Margaritas!!  Oh yeah and a nice pint glass with the race logo as you crossed the finish line!  The awards were really neat - framed prints from a local artist that lives on the race course, they all depicted things representing the state of Louisiana!  This race has been going on for what feels like forever.  It doesn't disappoint!!  Looking forward to going back this year!

Heatwave Classic Triathlon -  Ross Barnett Reservoir, Jackson, MS
June 2  - .5 mile swim / 24.5 mile bike / 10K run
Entry Fee through 1/31: $65
The last time I did this race was back in 2001, the first time I did it was it's inaugural year in 1987.  The race lives up to it's name and it's usually really, really hot and humid.  The swim is short (good race if your swim isn't your strong suit), the bike is on the Natchez Trace! and the run is on Ridgeland's multi use trail.  Not a trail run though, it's concrete or at least was when I did it last time.  The awards are really cool pottery from a local artist!!  I still use mine from 2001 to hold all of my energy gels!  When the race was in it's inception the coordinators of the Crawfishman came up and helped organize it. 

Race Of Grace Triathlon - Philadelphia, MS
June ?? - .25 swim / 18 mile bike / 5K run
Early Entry Fee: $65 last year
My first race after moving to Mississippi last year.  Really short swim - time trial start by seeded entry swim time, rolling hills on the bike (this was really tough for me last year coming from the beach in North Carolina), and the run is out and back on part of the bike course.  Cotton T-shirts looked really masculine, I don't wear mine.  They gave us one of those drawstring bags at packet pick up.  No swim caps - this wasn't on their website - luckily I had a spare one in my transition bag or I would have been in trouble.  I think it should be something that they post.  Post race food was all kinds of homemade baked goodies from the local ladies!  It was brownies and cookies galore!  The awards were pretty cool last year - it's a cyclist on a bike.

Sunfish Triathlon - Meridian, MS
July 14 - 1/3 mile swim / 17 mile bike / 5K run
Entry fee: $60 <June 22
This is another one of those races that I did a long, long time ago.  Different venue back then.  Another pretty short swim - I don't think they gave us swim caps here either - time trial start by age group last year.  This year because of all the grumbling and complaining from the athletes they are starting the swim in the order that you register.  I'm not a big fan of the time trial start in a swim, there is a lot of standing around waiting and if you're decent swimmer you've got to maneuver around a lot of slower people. Plus you have no idea of how you're doing during the race - it's pretty much go as hard as you possibly can and then wait around for the results to be posted to see how you placed.  We got dri-fit t-shirts at this race too, they were unisex and the smallest size was a men's small.  Way to big for me to wear - unfortunate to because it's a cool kelly green and I really like the logo on the front of the shirt.  I'm thinking I might attack it with my sewing machine (yes, I can sew) and see if I can alter it into looking more like a girl's shirt.  The awards were awesome here too!  All kinds of different shapes of hand thrown pottery made by Deep South Pottery.  Post race food included Popeye's chicken - good health food.  There was something else too but I can't remember what it was.  There was some really good sweet tea though - mmmm...  the drink of the South.

Sportspectrum River Cities Triathlon - Shreveport, LA
August ??  - .5 mile swim / 18.2 mile bike / 5K run
Entry Fee: $$$
Race entry opens on April 1st - in years past this race has sold out in a couple hours.  They take 1000 people.  I had to beg a favor to get into this race last year.  It is by far my favorite race.  If I include last year I think I've done it 17 times!!  The race packet is unbelievable.  First there is The Bag - last year it was a backpack that is like a transition bag.  In past years I've had rolling duffel bags, big gear bags, small gear bags, giant transition back packs, small back packs - pretty much you name it they've had it.  They're typically embroidered with the race logo for that year.  So along with the bag last year we got a wind jacket with embroidered logo, a hat with the logo, a women's!!!! v-neck tech tee, some Feetures Socks, and a 2nd tech tee with the race theme logo.  Mattie Brown, owner of the Sportspectrum, changes the theme of the race every year.  One of my favorite was his One Fish, Two Fish, Tri Fish, Blue Fish year with a bunch of kooky Dr. Seuss characters on the back where is said "Here are some who like to run, they run for fun in the hot hot sun!" It's always fun to see what the next year will be.  It's a wave start with about 13 swim waves.  The bike is rolling hills and the run is mostly shaded through the Cypress Black Bayou State Park.  He has an elite swim wave too but then you don't qualify for Age Group awards.  The top 5 men and women receive Oakley Sunglasses!!  And the age group award are always something different.  Last year we got clocks - they were okay - mine is hanging in the Laundry Room. Post race food is awesome!  There is beer, hamburgers and french fries!  In past years there has been red beans and rice.  And there is always the ubiquitous cookies and fruit.  Last year my friend Deanna went with me - this year it's going to be another girl's road trip with all four of us going!!!

Gator Bait Triathlon - Vicksburg, MS
August ?? - 1500 meter swim / 40K bike / 10K run
Entry Fee:  $60 (last year)
2011 was the first year for the Gator Bait Triathlon.  It was put on by the Vicksburg Swim Association.  On race day along with the triathlon there was an Open Water Swim with varying distances.  Deanna, Judy and I went to race.  Judy (who was a collegiate swimmer at Auburn) was planning on doing the 1 mile swim but we talked her into bringing her bike and tri stuff along "just in case"!  She was thinking that she might just switch to the tri if possible - it was and she did and had a great race - the 2nd fastest overall swim of the day and won Masters Female!  The shirts for this race were drifit but really disappointing.  They were kind of brick red/mud brown color and were thin and really, really big.  I was bummed because the race logo is really cool and I was looking forward to the shirt.  They would have been better to do cotton tshirts.  We did get swim caps for this race with a cool gator on the side.  But unfortunately the caps were orange.  The swim buoys were orange.  And the swim buoys were really small and there weren't enough of them to site.  Try looking at a sea of orange caps and try to pick out the 18 inch buoy amongst them.  Fail.
The bike is flat as a pancake and the run out and back with the sun in your face on the way back.  We lucked out last year and it was a bit cooler than normal for August.  Post race food was great - grilled chicken sandwiches, little bags of peanuts, raisins and M&M's, cookies and beer!   The awards for this race were really cool too!  Have you ever seen those real dried gator heads that you can buy in the souvenir shops in New Orleans?  That was the awards on a plaque.  I think an old piece of barn wood would have been a nice touch instead of the typical fake wood award plaque.  What was really disappointing though is that there wasn't anything on the plaques. No little brass plate saying 2011 Gator Bait Triathlon etc.  We were told that they were going to send out "personalized" brass plates to us but they never did. I really don't care to have my name on my award, I know who it belongs to.  I sent an email to the race director and never heard anything back from him.  Fail.  Luckily my friend Lesley who is a coach in Laurel has a connection and is going to get brass plates made for me and Judy for our Gator Head awards!  Thank you Lesley!!  I am planning on going back to the race though - it was a good venue and I had a good time. 

Tri4Life Triathlon - Brandon, MS
September ?? - 1/3 mile swim / 13 mile bike / 5K run
Entry Fee: $60
I don't have a lot of information about this race.  Last year on the way to Jackson early on race morning is when I hit a dog on Hwy 49.  It made the Outback undriveable and my husband Bill had to come to my rescue.  I went home really upset about the dog.  Missed the race.  Sadness.

Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon - Gulf Shores, AL
September 8 - 300 yard swim / 10 mile bike / 2 mile run & 1.5K swim / 40K bike / 10K run
Entry Fee:  $55 sprint / $150 Intermediate <8/15
The Brett Robinson has two races going on at the same time on the same day at the same venue - beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama!  My friend Lesley was signed up for the Intermediate distance race and I went ahead and registered for the sprint so she wouldn't be there all alone.  The sprint race was time trial start by seeded swim time.  The bike is pancake flat and the run is out and back finishing behind The Hangout.  I have to say - I loved this race!  It was all out from beginning to end.  I did almost get hit by a car when one decided to cut across in front of me into his condo complex.  I had to come to a dead stop and was screaming at the top of my lungs.  Scary.  So I'd have to say that maybe some better volunteer effort is needed.  The shirts were great - gender specific tech tees, v-neck too - great logo - one of my favorite race shirts of the season.  The Intermediate distance participants also received a Headsweats visor.  Post race food was amazing - there was a breakfast buffet for the sprint participants (we went off first) and then they put out a lunch buffet for the 2nd race.  Beer and sodas and fruit too!

Mighty Magnolia Triathlon - Hattiesburg, MS
October 13 - 1/3 mile swim, 16.5 mile bike / 3 mile run
Entry Fee: $55 <6/30
Our local race!!  Held a little west of the city at the Heritage Subdivision.  Point to point time trial swim - swim caps were provided!!  The bike is rolling hills with one that is kind of tough towards the end and the run is a loop with two little out and back sections.  I helped volunteer for this race last year with packet stuffing and packet pick up.  The cotton tshirts had a nice logo but on the back were some little letters that symbolized some phrases that I wasn't really crazy about. We also got a nice drawstring bag.   The awards were all different there were ceramic plates, some pottery and first, second and third overall got a garden stone etched with the name of the race.  Pizza was the post race food!!  There was a problem on the run at the first aid station - there wasn't anyone there to hand out water.  I think it could use more volunteers, at the run exit (which was just beyond the finish) athletes and spectators were walking back and forth across the exit while runners still competing were trying to find their way out - it was confusing.  This is a great little race though- it caps at 375.  There is an amazing raffle held before the awards - every participant gets two tickets in their race packet and you can purchase more at the race site that morning.  There were some awesome prizes including a wetsuit!  The Hattiesburg American (the local paper) was on the scene but they pretty much only covered the men's race with their photos and copy.  They didn't even mention the women's winners. Fail. I even sent an email to the reporter and no response. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Race Plan 2012

My friends and I have had a couple discussions planning the upcoming race season!!  This is what my 2012 season is looking like but you never know!!

Rock n' Roll Half Marathon - New Orleans, LA

Tradition Triathlon - Biloxi, MS

Crawfishman Triathlon - Covington, LA

Heatwave Triathlon - Jackson, MS

Race Of Grace Triathlon - Philadelphia, MS

Sunfish Triathlon - Meridian, MS

River Cities Triathlon - Shreveport, LA
2011 Race Packet!!!!
Gator Bait Triathlon - Vicksburg, MS

Tri4Life Triathlon - Brandon, MS
Alabama Coastal Triathlon - Gulf Shores, AL

Mighty Magnolia Triathlon - Hattiesburg, MS

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Steamwhistle 12K Race Report

On the last day of the year I decided to "run" the Steamwhistle 12K here in Hattiesburg.  My thoughts were that this would be a good way to get in my longest run so far in training for the NOLA Rock n' Roll half marathon in March.  So far up until then my longest run had been 7 miles.  Probably not the smartest way to increase your long run but it would be a fun way to do it!

AND the race boasted SWEATSHIRTS!!  I can always use a new sweatshirt!  I was hoping for a hoodie but was a little disappointed at packet pick up with a crew neck, but at least I got a small!  Around here if you don't preregister all that is left are large.  Bill is acquiring quite a few new t-shirts!  I was happily surprised with the Pine Belt Pacers (the local running club) Tervis Tumbler that we got!!

I had a plan to run it "moderately easy" - thinking that I'd run around 8:00-8:30 pace per mile.  But you know what they say about the best laid plans.....  Of course I looked at past results to see just how fast most of the people around here run this thing.  I was thinking that even at my planned pace I would probably win the Grandmasters (ugh... it still stings to write that word) division. 

I met my friends Deanna, Judy and Lesley on race morning and we lined up for the start.  I didn't get up close to the front so I'd keep my start slow.  I looked down just after the gun went off to see my pace and couldn't find it on the Garmin.  Doh... it was still in Cycling mode from my last ride.  (Note to self - check the settings on the watch pre-race.)  So I quickly switched the mode to Running and saw 7:30 - uh oh - slow it down.  Right about that time Judy came up on the side of me.  It took her a little longer to weave through the people.  I use a technique learned from my friend Joan in Texas.  When you watch Joan move through the crowd at the beginning of the race she brings her arms together from forearm to wrist and narrows her shoulders as she squeezes between the other runners.  It's a great technique - try it on your next race!

The first 10th missing due to "Operator Error".
Judy had run the Steamwhistle a couple of times before and I'd looked up her last time.  It was a 1:01 - about an 8:10 pace.  She was going to try to better her time and negative split her race.  So we ran side by side holding about an 8 minute pace.  On mile two she edged ahead of me just a bit and I told her to "go on" if she wanted to.  She backed off and we stayed side by side for the next few miles.  My plan was to run the last two miles in "race mode" if I felt good by that point. 

At the turn around I counted the number of women ahead of me - I was 4th.  There was a girl in a blue shirt in third and I decided to see if I could catch her by the finish.  Judy had backed off the pace just a little but caught back up at around the 9K mark.  I closed a little on the girl in blue but then as we came to the last mile she must have smelled the barn and picked it up. (You can see above that mile 6 is where I was going hard to try and catch her!)  So I ended up in 4th place overall. 

I'm really happy about staying with my race plan!  This isn't a good distance for me.  I really like the 5K better.  I'm just not good at hurting for that long.  The last time I "raced" anything close to this distance was at the Turkey Trot in Dallas.  It's an 8 mile race and my PR there was just sub 60 minutes - I think that was back in 2001 - a 7:30 pace.  Most of the time my pace at the Turkey Trot was more like an 8:00.  Gotta admit that I'm pretty pleased with my race.  Nice way to finish off a great year!

The awards for the Steamwhistle are cool!!!!  Pinecones!  LOVE IT!!

Here are a few more pictures from the day!!

Grandmasters Female
Judy - 1st Place Age Group!
Lesley - 2nd Place Age Group!
Lesley, Me and Deanna.
Judy and Lesley at race start.

My friend Ginny finishing with a PR
and 2nd Overall Female!!