Sunday, July 7, 2013

Team Aquaphor Challenges

Are you up for a challenge?

Last month Team Aquaphor decided to do some monthly fitness challenges! Not only to add some fitness to our already swim, bike, run filled lives but to drive traffic to our sponsor and their Facebook page:  Aquaphor US.

We started with the month of June with the Team Aquaphor Plank Challenge! IT WAS HARD! The beginning of the month was hard, the middle of the month was hard, and the end of the month was hard! I think my core must need some serious work! Look at the last day of the month.... 5 minutes!  Ouchie!

For the month of July we are doing the Team Aquaphor Squat Challenge. So far I've found it to be MUCH easier than the planks! Quite a few of my team members posted that squats hurt their knees and didn't know if they were going to participate. Here is a link to a little video "How To Squat", showing you how to properly do the exercise, please check it out. If it hurts your knees you're doing something wrong. I've got some pretty bad knees and it doesn't bother them at all if I do it right. Remember to push through your heels and exhale on the exertion. 

Here is the calendar for the Plank Challenge in case you'd like to try it for yourself!

Come back and visit my blog for future month's challenges! Or better yet, go to the Aquaphor US Facebook page and follow the team as we challenge ourselves!  

See you at the races!