Saturday, February 16, 2013

Age Group Nationals 2013

A few weeks ago an email came out announcing that registration was open for USAT Age Group Nationals. You have to qualify to be able to do this race.  I have made it in the past and I got an email for every race I did last season but have never had the desire to travel and compete in Age Group Nationals.  Below is from the USAT website on qualifying standards.

How to Qualify:

Special Qualifying and Regional Championship races will qualify the top 33 percent or top five finishers (whichever is greater) in each age group. 2013 Regional Championships and Special Qualifiers have been announced and can be found by CLICKING HERE.
** Note: If there are 35 athletes in an age group and an athlete places 12th or higher, they have qualified for the 2013 Olympic Distance Nationals. If an athlete places 13th out of 35 they have not qualified.

A non-championship USAT sanctioned event in one of the specified qualifying distances (as explained above) will qualify the top 10 percent or top finisher (whichever is greater) in each age group.
** Note: If there are 25 athletes in an age group and an athlete places 3rd or higher, they have qualified for the 2013 Olympic Distance Nationals. If an athlete places 4th out of 25 they have not qualified.

The top 33% or top five (whichever is greater) athletes in each age group at the USAT Olympic Distance, Sprint and Long Course Triathlon National Championships in the current and/or previous year automatically qualify.
The top 10 finishers in each age group from the 2012 USAT Olympic Distance National Championship automatically qualify.
Any athlete who has competed as a member of 2012 Team USA in Sprint, Intermediate or Long Course Triathlon will automatically qualify. Qualification can no longer be met for any other Team USA participation or from participation more than one year prior.
All-American and honorable mention All-Americans from the 2012 USAT National Rankings automatically qualify.

My friend, Becky asked me if I was planning on going and I answered with a quick "NO". Too far, too expensive.  I usually try to save my race budget for the local races so I can race more often during the season.

On my Birthday I just happened to mention the race to Bill while we were out at dinner and when he found out that it was in Wisconsin he said, "You ought to go!" REALLY??? I hadn't even mentioned it to him before because I felt it was out of the question. Now the wheels in my brain started turning!!!

Long story short, I registered the next day and now I've got a big carrot in front of me to do well in August.  My friend Becky is going too!! I get to see my friend again and this time we get to do a race together!! How fun it that?!! Becky was on Team Aquaphor with me and last November I went to watch her compete in IM Florida!  We are going to have a blast!!!

Becky after her PR at IM Florida 2012

Thank you, Bill!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good and Bad

Here is the BAD:
I can't remember the last time I was sick.  Last week while coaching I commented that the chlorine in the air was really burning my eyes and after Friday morning Masters Swim my eyes were on fire.  I thought I was having a reaction to the intense chlorine level in the pool.  Friday evening my sinuses started hurting and swelling up to where I couldn't breath out of my nose.  But by Saturday morning when I woke up I knew it wasn't allergies but a cold.  UGH.... I hate being sick!

I'd hope I feel better by this weekend because Bill and I are going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!!

Here is the GOOD:
Something new and exciting is happening for me this week!!

This morning was the first TRI-SWIM technique training class at The Institute for Wellness & Sports Medicine at Wesley Medical Center.  Lance Ware, a local triathlete and our State Farm Insurance Agent and I talked a couple weeks ago about an offering for the triathletes who want technique specific swim training rather than a masters swim.  He had a good point that there are a lot of triathletes in the area who may be intimidated by a true Masters Swim but want some coaching on improving their technique. We came up with a plan and Lance had a contact at The Wellness Center and made it happen!  The Wellness Center gave us a great deal on a drop in fee at half of their regular Guest Fee for pool use only M-F 5:30-7:00 am. Six people showed up for the first swim this morning and I've got about 9-10 people signed up for the program. We meet once a week on Tuesday mornings and I will email a workout to them for a swim on their own.  It went really well this morning and I'm looking forward to helping these swimmers!!