Friday, November 22, 2013

UGH!! I'm Sick!!

What happened??  I am a healthy person but I caught something and have been out of commission for a little over 2 weeks!!  Went to the doc a couple weeks ago for a physical for our health insurance and got a flu shot while I was there. Two days later my throat was killing me, it felt like I had razor blades in there! Two days after that it was fever. 101+ for 5 days!! Then my sinuses decided to jump on the bandwagon and get involved. So I went back to the doc and got some chest X-rays, a really, painful steroid shot, an antibiotics shot, a Zpack scrip, and a cough medicine scrip (the one with codeine that makes you feel all loopy)!  I feel like I am doped up to the max. And as soon as the 12 hour mark rolls around the symptoms charge right back in. Bleh...

All training has ceased to exist. I'm just trying to get well! This is pathetic! 

And of course it something always happens just as your training and results are starting to come together. 

I did 3 5Ks back to back and was pleased with what I was seeing with my times and pace:

Autumn Breeze 5K  -     7:27 pace (hilly)
Great Pumpkin 5K -      7:18 pace  (flat)
Race for The Cure 5K - 7:13 pace  (hilly)

So that means it's back to the drawing board once I get well. The good news is I've dropped 3.5 pounds, but I'm sure it will sneak right back on once I can taste and breathe again!!