Saturday, October 10, 2015

Summer 5Ks

Okay, let's see if I can get through a quick post and get the ball rolling on keeping this blog a little more up to date!

It's fall, the time for running! Looking forward to finding some local races in Tuscaloosa.

I ran three 5k's this past summer. The New Balance Uptown Run, Mudbug Madness, and the Firecracker 5k. All three were Sportspectrum races, all three were great races. Sportspectrum never fails at putting on quality races, whether it be a local 5k, or the famous River Cities Triathlon!

I had a pretty bad upper respiratory infection in late spring and it took a long time to get over it. I raced the New Balance Uptown Run mostly for fun. Ran it in my Hoka One One shoes instead of the Saucony Kinvaras just to keep the speed more reasonable. Decent race, won my age group even running at a controlled somewhat easy pace. It was hilly. Finished in 23:54 / 7:43 pace. Here is a link for the Sky Pixel LA drone video! Very cool, take a few minutes to watch it!!!

Next up was the Mudbug Madness 5k. Now this one was fun! One of my swimmers was running it and I decided to run with Harrisen. He rode over from the pool with me to the race. His little sister Evangeline, and their mom were coming to the race a little later. What a fun experience, I will never forget how hard this little guy ran, and how much heart he put into the race. Let me tell you, he is 9 years old. Ran 25:55, an 8:22 pace! Yeah... lets see, when I was 9 I never would have dreamed of running 3 miles! H won his age group! I was 2nd in mine. Here is the link for the Sky Pixel LA video of this race! At one point you can see Evangeline holding up a sign that says Go Harrisen and Coach Ginger! Will never forget this one!


My last 5k of the summer was the Firecracker! Third time to run this one. Sportspectrum has been putting on this race for 31 years! So awesome! Firecracker doesn't do age group awards. It is a run for the MUG! The coveted, treasured Firecracker mug!! The top (if I remember correctly) 100 men and 75 women get a mug! I finished 50th among the women 23:50, nothing stellar but got my third Firecracker mug! Sky Pixel LA Firecracker video! What a great way to celebrate our nation!

Next blog post will be on the triathlons that I did this past summer. Slowly but surely I'll get caught up!

Want to close this post with this photo of Evangeline running her first 5k. Harrisen had already finished and went back out to run her in to the finish. Great kiddos! Is this not one of the best pictures?