Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wiki Wiki Man

Ugh Wiki Wiki Man....

I got sick back in February and missed a ton of workouts. It wasn't flu, it wasn't strep, but my husband came down with walking pneumonia about 3 weeks after I got sick. Our doc didn't test me for that but I have been coughing for over 2 months now.

I almost bailed on the race this weekend.

Bogey, our younger Golden had surgery on Thursday to remove a mass from his left front leg. When the doc did the initial aspiration he said there were all kinds of cells in there, some of which looked like mast cells. I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave him, but he's bounced back like he didn't have anything done. Now we just have to wait for the results from pathology.

My being sick and then The Bogue's surgery. It was a last minute decision to go race. And as it turns out, not a great one at that.

66 degree water, so I took the full sleeve wetsuit. No issues in warm up - they gave us a few minutes between the time the last wave of the Olympic distance race went off and ours to get in the water. I swam 4 times since February, so I took the swim easy. It wasn't a great feeling seeing so many pink caps out in front of me in the water. I swam really easy so I wouldn't have one of my wetsuit panic attacks.

This is the race that I did last year that has an Olympic distance bike even for the Sprint race. Last year a storm came in and the wind was horrible, today was much better with just about an 8 mile South wind, which meant the last 4 miles were tailwind. 20.47 mph average.

Got off the bike to run and felt like I was walking. I remember even groaning out loud as I climbed the first hill. 24:04 was my split - if the distance was right that is a 7:45 pace. I'll bet it was short because I sure didn't feel like I was running that fast.

Managed to pull of a first in my age group. Completely out of the Masters category. 7th overall female for the Age Group race. Even though it sounds pretty good, it was really a pretty bad race.

The Cobb Mobb was out in force. Everyone that raced this morning placed!

By far the best part of today was seeing so many people from Dallas! Susie and her husband used to be my clients when I worked at the North Dallas Athletic Club. I ran with her when she was trying to qualify for the 100th Boston. (And yes, she did qualify!) One of the things we talked about was the bombing at Boston. She said when she was listening to the news the time that the bomb went off sounded familiar, and she checked her time from when she ran it.... exactly the same. Scary. 

Got to catch up with Ann and Stephanie too. The only time I ever see these girls is at a few races each year. It was nice to have a chance to visit with them.

I also got to see Amanda Melo, she was the Massage Therapist at the North Dallas Athletic Club when I first started working there back in 1992. I hadn't seen her in years either. Wish I had snapped a picture with her too. 

I have the Tri Tyler Sprint in two weeks...... better get busy with the training.....