Saturday, February 15, 2014

Frost Yer Fanny Race Report!! USAT SMW Regional Duathlon Championships!

I'm a little late posting my report on this race but there has been a lot going on in my life, so please excuse my tardiness. I have a pass.

My last ride with Denise and Brinn before moving from Hattiesburg!
I was excited about this race! More so because my friends Denise and Brinn, from Hattiesburg were coming up to race and I was looking forward to seeing them!! I was also looking forward to seeing how these fast girls would do in a duathlon! All three of us are pretty good swimmers and with a run, bike, run format it kicks out one of our best sports.

We drove to the race site in the morning and I took them on a slightly longer route in order for them to see part of the bike course on the Clyde Fant Parkway. The entire parkway was closed to traffic for the race and it is concrete - pretty fast, although the separations were a little annoying... bump, bump, bump. I was able to ignore them after just a mile or so.

This race was the USAT South MidWest Regional Duathlon Championship race and the turnout was a little dissapointing. Sportspectrum bid for and hosted the race and Shreveport won it because we have the 2nd largest Tri Club, The Sunrise Triathlon Club, in the SMW Region. At the last minute Matt Brown even upped the anti by adding really cool jackets for our race packets.

Back of the Jacket!!!
Jeremy Brown, with Cobb Cycling and manager of the Cobb Mobb (like us on Facebook!) also went to bat getting the price of the banquet ($25) waved for Sunrise members, but we were still very disappointed in the number of entrants. Shreveport had been pretty darned cold in the days leading up to the race, but it IS called Frost Yer Fanny. It's always cold in February. No excuse. Thank you to the Sunrisers who did come out for the race!

Race start - ran over to say hi and goodluck to another CobbMobber!
William Ritter in black on right of shot - Overall Winner of the race!!
This race had a 3 mile run, 16 bike, 2 mile run. I've run 5 miles ONCE since I was sick...not really the best race prep. But then, hey... I don't usually race at all this early in the year and I've already done two multisport races. I've only done a whopping total of three duathlons in my entire life, like I said above, I'm a swimmer. I do know however to take the first run out a little bit conservatively and not blow up or you will pay dearly on the second run. My first 3 miles: 7:40 average (7:33, 7:49, 7:45) that's okay. It was tough watching a lot of ladies pull away from me in the beginning of the run, and I caught several of them before the end of the 3 miles.

Haha... that's my windproof shirt not my belly!!
I didn't get my cycling legs under me until about mile 11 and then finally saw some speeds over 21. Had some issues with my calves trying to cramp... first the right, then left, then right, and then left again... stupid calves. I really need to take better care of my legs. I've had calf cramping in the past, and I noticed it is when I toe down hard on the bike instead of keeping my feet flatter. Plus it's winter and my hydration is slacking in a big way. DRINK MORE WATER DAILY!! Passed two more girls on the bike but they both got me on the second run.

The second run.. noticed right away that the timing chip on my left ankle was biting into my leg..HARD! I thought I was going to be able to ignore it but it was really painful. I stopped and loosened it and here a week later it is still really sore to the touch. I think it is because the strap was over my tights and the seam on the outside was pressing really hard into my ankle. Had an 8:05 average (8:03,7:55) for the second run, nothing stellar about that one, not surprised by my lack of speed. But it's all good!

Finished in 1:30 and change - won my age group and got an awesome fleece blanket. This one is red and I love it!  They were also handing out Mardi Gras Beads as you crossed the finish line!! Two of the kids handing them out are my swimmers, so I got a lot of beads!

Denise won her Age Group in 1:22.08, was 5th Overall!! Brinn was 2nd in her Age Group with a 1:26.16 (she's in the same one as Denise) and placed 8th Overall!!  And I won my Age Group and was 12th Overall in 1:30.17.  Not too shabby for Tri Optimum Performance girls!!

Denise, Brinn, and Me!!

I don't know when I'll see my friends again, it may not be until River Cities in August but I hope to see them sooner. Miss these girls!! Congratulations on a good race friends!!