Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GOTRIbal Goodies!!!

A while back I filled out an opinion survey for GOTRIbal. I was really surprised when I received the following email a couple weeks ago!! 

We at GOTRIbal absolutely LOVE sharing some of the goodies we are bestowed with by some of our favorite supporters. We are also SO fortunate to receive the opinions and feedback of women in our tribe, and want to share the goody-licious with them whenever we can.
So, we randomly selected a group of survey respondents and YOUR email came up!"

"An organization created to empower and connect women through the journey of endurance sport.  GOTRIbal empowers, engages and excites women through the journey of endurance sports, and offers members the connections, mentorships and resources to realize their toughest goals. Whether those be ON or OFF the race course, in or out of the gym -- it doesn't matter."

I had no idea what kind of goodies they were talking about.   All they asked me was to send a check to cover the shipping.  Today a BIG box was on my doorstep when I got home from my run!!  It was filled with the most awesome stuff!!!!!!  And to top it all off - everything was my size!

  • A GOTRIbal HeadSweats visor!
  • A GOTRIbal t-shirt!
  • An Xterra t-shirt!
  • An Xterra Transition Bag!
  • A Cytomax Waterbottle!
  • A GOTRIbal race number belt!
  • Tyr Cycling Capris!!  Autographed by Chrissie Wellington!!
  • And a bunch of cool GOTRIbal stickers!

You can't really tell but I'm pointing at the autograph!
Cool visor, huh?

That's Bogey with his little monkey.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!  Thank you GOTRIbal!!!