Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swim For An Hour a.k.a. Going Postal

Next Wednesday I'm swimming in the USMS Speedo One Hour Postal National Championships.  It's basically an hour long straight swim recording your distance, which is then submitted to the USMS (United States Masters Swimming).  It must be swum during the month of January and the YMCA Hub Fins Masters are swimming it next week. 

Objective: To swim as far as possible in one hour in any pool you choose that is 25 yards or longer. Event results are sent in electronically or by mail so you can compare yourself to other swimmers doing the same event. Some people do the One Hour Postal event for competition, while others do it for fitness; all who wish to participate are welcome. The recorded distance (total yards swum) that you submit determines the order of finish.

So of course I immediately calculated how many yards there are in 2.4 miles.  Why 2.4 miles you ask??  Because that's the distance of the swim in Ironman.  The three times that I've done the Ironman my swim times were:  1:07 IM Canada w/wetsuit, 1:11 IM Florida w/wetsuit (fiasco*), and 1:05 IM Louisville no wetsuit but with a current for part of the swim.  There are 4220 yards in 2.4 miles - that's my goal, 4220 in an hour.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it??  See you at the pool!!

*At IM Florida I had a wetsuit freak out and swam the first loop with my wetsuit completely unzipped to keep from having a full blown panic attack.  Zipped it up for the 2nd loop.