Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hitting the Red Line!

Talk about hitting the red line!  Last Saturday I was coerced by my swim Coach to enter the Mississippi State Games Swim Meet.  It was in Laurel, just 45 minutes up the road so I agreed. 

A little pre-race instruction from Steve.  I wonder what I'm thinking here?  
Upon Coach Steve's suggestion I entered the 100 free, 100 fly (what was I thinking), 50 free, 50 fly and 100 IM (Individual Medley - Fly, Back, Breast, Free).   My friend Lindsey who shares a lane with me at Masters swim also signed up.  Plus two other swimmers from Hattiesburg, Elizabeth and Ken.

Lindsey, Me and Elizabeth (green and blue left) in the 100 Free.

Talk about hurt!  If I didn't think I'd look like a total trigeek in the pool I would have worn my heart rate monitor, it would have been really interesting to see just how high it went in the 100 fly.  I was the ONLY masters female entered in that event and whoo hoo.. got to swim it all by myself with EVERYONE watching.  Just to let you know I have NEVER in my entire life entered the 100 fly.  It wasn't too bad until the last half of the last 25.  I remember thinking that my arms were about to crater and I'd have to bail to one arm stroke drill - how embarrassing would that be and a DQ to top it off. 

Here are my results and a few pictures from the day:

‎100 free- 1:08.38
100 fly- 1:19.86
50 free- 31.29
50 fly- 33.21
100 IM- 1:20.54

"Please just don't let me look stupid in front of everyone!"
Elizabeth starting her 100 Breast.

Elizabeth and Lindsey cheering me on in the 100 Fly!

Lindsey in the 100 IM.

Once again - the race face.

Lindsey, Ken, Elizabeth and Me!