Sunday, August 19, 2012

Recover-Ease - My Secret Weapon

Recover-Ease is a product that I have used for years.  Especially when I'm training for a longer event but I also use it after any hard or long training sessions.  You can find it at Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition.  I think I got a sample years ago in Texas at a race and found that it really helped in my recovery.  I use it after pretty much all my workouts and the other place that I found it beneficial was DURING Ironman Louisville.  Amino Acids are brain fuel and help defend against what is called "Central Fatigue".  (Read this article on LiveStrong) - and I found that during the run in long events I would sometimes start to get that "What am I doing this for?" feeling.  Taking Recover-Ease during the run helped snap my concentration back and get a focus on what I was doing.  I swear by this product!  A lot of my friends in Texas have also used this for years.

Here is some information from the Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition site.  Go to the website for even more information on Recover-Ease and how it works.

After reading the information if you'd like to try it you can use the code: "ginger" for a 20% discount.  

Why Recovery is Important

Did you know that following a marathon, triathlon, or significant endurance event, as many as 60%-70% of participants will suffer an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) or over-training injury?

Getting sick or hurt or simply suffering from poor performance is often a direct result of your training regimen (and inadequate recovery).

Getting sick or injured is no way to optimize your training or racing performance.

Intense training and competition can lead to:

1. Reduced blood & tissue levels of glutamine, leading to:
Reduced immune system activity
Increased infections – especially URTIs
Solution = take Recover-Ease to maintain post-exercise immune function

2. Increased cortisol and reduced DHEA levels, leading to:
Accelerated muscle catabolism (breakdown)
Reduced protein synthesis (and sex drive!)
Reduced ability for tissue repair
Increased risk for injury
Solution = take Recover-Ease to promote post-exercise hormone balance

3. Cause tissue damage and generate free radicals, leading to:
Muscle micro-trauma, inflammation, & soreness
Cellular damage and dysfunction
Reduced power output
Reduced endurance performance
Solution = take Recover-Ease to accelerate post-exercise tissue repair

What is Recover-Ease?

Recover-Ease is a new way of thinking about post-exercise recovery.  The formula combines 8 natural nutrients into a research-proven and patent-pending blend that gives your body what it needs to repair damage following intense exercise.

Specifically, Recover-Ease delivers a potent source of fuel to immune system cells.  The patent-pending blend is taken up rapidly by immune system cells, which then are able to repair tissue damage - particularly in the muscles and lungs.

Research studies and "real-life" users clearly demonstrate that using Recover-Ease following exercise results in fresher legs and lungs, higher energy and mood, and overall faster and more complete recovery.

Elite athletes and age-groupers alike understand that adequate recovery can be the difference between injury/illness and optimal performance.  Those who recover better enjoy higher levels of performance.

How Recover-Ease Works
1. BCAAs & Glutamine
The proper 3:1:1 patent-pending balance of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) with Glutamine (in a patent-pending research-proven 3:2 total AA ratio) benefits athletes by maintaining immune function and reducing URTIs (upper respiratory tract infections).
2. Beta-sitosterol
Normalizes the ratio of cortisol (a stress hormone) with DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), to reduce muscle breakdown & accelerate connective tissue repair (muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage).
3. Proteolytic Enzymes & Flavonoids
Reduces inflammation and oxidative free radical damage, resulting in less exercise-induced tissue damage, accelerated rates of tissue repair, and reduced post-exercise pain & stiffness

At the American College of Sports Medicine’s 2004 Annual Scientific Meeting in Indianapolis, Recover-Ease was shown to significantly improve recovery in endurance athletes.
Study results were presented to show that following extreme endurance competition, supplementation with Recover-Ease led to:
52% reduction in Fatigue
51% reduction in Muscle Soreness
38% increase in Energy
24% boost in Mental Function
20% boost in Immune Function
16% increase in Overall Mood
5-day faster return to normal training

Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition also makes a product called Energ-Ease, I am not as familiar (learning about it now) with it but there is information on their site about it as well, it also qualifies for the discount when using the code "ginger".