Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sponsored By ICEdot!

I've been chosen to represent ICEdot as one of their Sponsored Athletes!!  I am really happy to be associated with this company.  I think what they have to offer is a very smart and reasonable way to keep you and those you love protected in case of an emergency.  You'll find our team blogging weekly about training on the ICEdot Athletes page.

Read on to see just what ICEdot is all about!

What is ICEdot???  ICEdot is an emergency identification and notification system.  In three easy steps you can be make sure you are protected!!

The Only Identification & Notification Service Endorsed by the American Ambulance Association®
Proud Partner of the NAEMT™

There are two memberships offered by ICEdot.  ICEdot Premium and ICEdot Free.

ICEdot Free. The FREE Yellow Dot Driving Program.

With the Free Yellow Dot Driving Program you will:

Create your Account and Profiles on the ICEdot site. You can create as many (ICE) Profiles as you want!
Print out your In Case Of Emergency profile sheet that identifies you and has all of your Medical Information and Contact Information on it.
Place your printed ICE Profile sheet in your car's Glove Box and place the ICEdot Window Sticker on your car's rear window to alert First Responders.

ICEdot Premium.  Protection wherever you go for just $10 a year.

With ICEdot Premium you will:

Create your Account and Profiles just like with ICEdot Free.
Protect with Identifiers - you'll receive a card and two key fobs to carry with you.  Each is printed with your own individual PIN.  You can also purchase bracelets, stickers, and snaps.
Share your information in an Emergency - a First Responder can text message your individual PIN to
5-10-20 and they will receive a reply text with all of your information via your ICE Profile and ICE Alert Message.

Click here to watch a Video Overview!!