Friday, August 10, 2012

Timex Factory Team!! I'm IN!!

Through the network of my fellow triathletes (specifically Delinda!) on Team Aquaphor I learned of a sponsorship opportunity with The Timex Factory Team!  Quite a few of us have gained another sponsor in this team and we're all pretty psyched!! I know I am looking forward to promoting my new sponsor.  Oh.. and don't get me wrong, I'm still on Team Aquaphor and will always be Aquaphor Chick!!  Below is some background and information about the team in case you're interested in applying!!

The Timex Factory Team was designed to be a complementary program to Timex Multisport Team and built off it's long-standing success. Timex Multisport Team, currently in its 11th year, is a diverse, successful team, of male and female athletes--both professional and amateur--ranging in age from 18 to 57 years old, and hailing from around the world.

The Factory Team was launched in an effort to support the large number of outstanding athletes that exist in the multisport community. Hundreds of multisport athletes apply to be a part of the Timex Multisport Team each year but only a few make it. The Timex Factory Team will give more athletes the opportunity to represent the Timex brand in addition to growing the community of Timex athletes who are dedicated to achieving their racing and training goals.

"We have to turn down hundreds of very qualified applicants every year. Now, with the Timex Factory Team, we are able to offer a spot within the Timex family to so many more," said Keith Meyer, Manager of Event Marketing & Sponsorships at Timex. "We are eager to grow our community of amazing athletes to a point where you can attend any race across the country and find a few Timex Team members at the start line."

Factory Team Info:

• Selected athlete will receive the following:
• Timex Ironman digital sports watch plus discount for additional product purchases
• Timex Factory Team Uniform - Exclusive to team members ($80 voucher to order online)
• Timex technical running hat and visor

Obligations of Timex Factory Team athletes:

• Team due of $100
• Must wear Timex sports time piece during all racing and training
• Upload photos from races and training to social media outlets on a weekly basis
• Submit race results within a week after race date

The Timex Factory Team application is available online and will be available throughout the year. Athletes will be selected based upon their athletic achievements and their community involvement. Applicants of all disciplines are welcome to apply. Those selected will receive products from Timex and will be given exclusive rights to wear the Timex Factory Team uniform developed by Champion System.

Application Link