Tuesday, August 14, 2012

USAT Rankings

Last week I went to see how I was doing so far this year in the USAT (USA Triathlon) Rankings.  Went through all the 50-54 year old (sigh...) women and nada... no Ginger Spansel!  What's up with that???  I know that my results were in there somewhere because I'd received emails after each race telling me that I'd qualified for Age Group Nationals.

So I sent an email asking where they were and got an interesting response.  I learned something new!   Don't you love it when you learn something new??  

Anyway... my membership is due for renewal on 9/30/2012 and for you to be ranked you must have an active membership on 11/1/2012!  Did any of you know this??  You have to have raced in 3 or more USAT races too, but everyone pretty much is aware of this. I also learned that you can still see your races and scores if you select "show unranked" and "show race details".   

**okay... now that I've gone to the link I see the note about being an active member on 11/1/1012 but it's never occurred to me not to renew and I don't think I realized that I never looked up my rankings until after I have.  Strange. I'm usually more observant than that... old age must be catching up with me!