Monday, January 3, 2011

First Ride of the New Year

I went on my first ride of the New Year with "The Usual Suspects" plus a few others on January 1st.  We did a course we like to call the Two Bridge-Two Island Ride - a loop course that starts at Island Hoppers Bike Shop and takes us over both Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach Bridges.  The weather was a treat - shorts, jersey, arm warmers, wind vest and toe covers. On the islands the temperature was drastically different, it felt like a 10 degree drop - brrrr, quite chilly.

I rode 50 miles without any problems, felt a little sluggish going up and over the bridges which I contributed to the fact that it has been a month since I've been on my bike. The weather here at the beach has been unseasonably cold, we even had a brief visit the day after Christmas of some snow.  I always ride to and from home to these rides which adds 12 miles and gives me a nice warm up and cool down. 

I got home, took a nice warm shower and a nap.  When I woke up from my nap I felt horrible!!  It felt like I had the flu, body aches all over - it felt like someone had beaten me with a plank and then rubbed sandpaper all over my skin. I had a fever of 102.5!  I realized that I hadn't had anything to eat after my ride so I drank a can of Slim Fast High Protein.  BIG MISTAKE!!  I promptly saw said can of Slim Fast again when ralph quickly came to visit.  Note to self:  when you haven't ridden in a long time, don't forget to have something for recovery right when you get home.   Slim Fast High Protein is my favorite because it has a good mix of carbs and protein, plus if I drive to a ride it doesn't need to be refrigerated!  I use it  religiously after every race. 

My husband, Bill was playing golf at Lockwood Folly so Phoenix and Bogey were my only comfort until he got home.  It's been about 3 months since he's had the opportunity to play so I'm happy he started the New Year on the golf course!

I felt terrible all night and most of the next day.  Finally this morning I feel almost normal again.  I guess I picked up some 24 or 48 hour bug.  I'm glad it's gone - I guess I'll go for a run!!