Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Being Sick Stinks

I haven't felt right since after my New Year's Ride.  I wonder just what bug it was that I caught.  What ever it is I'll tell you, it stinks!!  Today is Wednesday, which means ride day with The Usual Suspects, I missed it.  I still feel a little queasy and tired.  Pathetic! 

I thought I was better yesterday and went for a nice easy 4 mile run.  Didn't push the pace, held it nice and easy.  Got home and later that day and... blech.  Felt weak and my stomach was hurting again. Not as bad as after the ride on Saturday but definitely not good. 
This afternoon the boys were in hyper-mode.  So I took them out for a short walk.  Good for Phoenix, but for Bogey it wasn't even a warm up.  So I got out my beach cruiser and took The Bogue for a run around the neighborhood.  Well, actually I just coasted. 

That boy has so much energy he ran and pulled me for about a mile and a half.  I wish I could bottle his energy for race day!!  When we got home, was he tired??  Of course not - his Dad was home so he raced to the garage door as fast as he could to get in and be with Dad. 

Oh.. and I think Bill may be getting what ever it is that I had.  It's nice to share!

Not a great start to the New Year with my training.  It's a good thing triathlon season is months away!