Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eternal Water - Eternal Athlete!!

So if you've read my blog in the past month or so you'll know that Team Aquaphor is no more.... finito... buh bye... gone pecan. Needless to say pretty much everyone on the team was SAD! AND upset because to this day we've never heard one word from Active about the fact that after 8 years the team and it's sponsorship by Aquaphor wasn't going to form this year. Rather inconsiderate if you ask me... but what do I know?

Then a light goes on, a light by the name of Yolanda or Yolo as we affectionately called her on Team Aquaphor posted that the company she works for, Eternal Water (don't you just love that name!!!) was considering sponsoring a small team of triathletes and runners. What do you think our reaction was?

Here is a picture that was on Yolo's office wall during the selection process! Kind of neat to see what it looks like from the side of Team Management. I spy a girl in a pink shirt!! That would be me! Hurray!!

I am happy to have been chosen to be a part of this brand new team! And I'm joined by a lot of my former Team Aquaphor friends, kind of goes hand in hand doesn't it? Aquaphor - Eternal Water..  perfect!!

"NOT ALL WATER IS CREATED EQUAL!!!!! Eternal Water comes from "Naturally Alkaline" underground spring sources. Our Pure and Pristine water has nothing added to it or removed. Unlike MOST alkaline waters that are filtered tap water with added minerals, we rely on mother nature to do it for us."

How cool is that?? 

And they also sponsor The Lifetime Fitness Marquee Triathlon!

Eternal Water and the MUD RUN!

Go on over to the Eternal Water Facebook page and you'll see race after race! Very exciting!! 

We should be getting our kits soon and they look like this!!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!

Can't wait to start racing in the kit!! 

Eternal Water - Eternal Athlete!