Friday, May 30, 2014


"You Don't Have To Be a Pair To Match!"

Embrace The Bright!

I was recently chosen to be a Brand Ambassador for the coolest company, My Soxy Feet!! The name of this company tells you that the product is going to be something FUN!

I have always been a white socks girl, hey.. they match everything right? White Socks, period. Then my friend Becky sent me three pair of fun bright socks! Let the fun begin! Now my white socks are pretty much reserved for yard work.

Socks from Becky!  Where it all started!
Slowly but surely my sock drawer got more and more colorful, and then along came a Facebook post that My Soxy Feet was looking for Brand Ambassadors. Several of my Team Aquaphor friends were already on board and when I saw just how cute these socks are I filled out the application and sent it in! Melissa, the owner and founder of My Soxy Feet, replied quickly and boom, I was representing an Uber Cool product.

I love running in these socks with my HOKA's! They have light cushioning on the toes and heels, and while I've been a super thin sock girl for years I've grown to really like the cushion that these socks provide. They're cool and comfortable and cute! How can you go wrong with that?

I like socks!! Do you see any Soxy Feet in the drawer?
NO, because all 4 pair are in the laundry!! 

AND Made in the USA!!
One of my favorite things about Soxy Feet is that they give back. Look at the following photos and see how several of the donate to different related charities. Gotta love that!!

So which pairs of Soxy Feet do you think I bought? Here.... I'll show you! 

The Tri Socks are the newest addition to the line!
Of course I had to have these!
And who doesn't love Butterflies?
And a Happy Heart!
Dog Daze, Bogey's personal favorite!

I want to share the history of Soxy Feet because personally, 
I think it's really cool

A Soxy Start

Making a big life change is pretty scary, but NOT making a life change and living with regret is scarier. I'm sure many of you who run or walk can relate to those peaceful moments when you talk to yourself and solve all your problems. It was during a run in 2011 that I decided it was time to start living a more purposeful life, to live with no regret and set an example for my four kids. Perhaps I could inspire others that's it's never too late to make ANY change, whether it be your personal circumstances, bad habits, or lacking a commitment to health and fitness. My passion for running and a supportive network of family and friends helped to clear my mind. I filed for a divorce, decided to start a business and kept on running.

 My daughter, Chelsea and I always giggled at our feet with our unmatched socks . We were convinced that our washing machine ate them, leaving only stragglers behind. My socks were white athletic socks with slight variations of colors while Chelsea's philosophy for her socks correlated with her perspective on life: that color, design and height are irrelevant and that as long as two things are compatible, "you don't have to match to be a pair". Bright sneakers and apparel were becoming a statement in the fitness world...but what about those drab white socks? An idea was born.

The support I received from family and friends amazed me. My son Jason, at 15 years old set up all the books and handled all the accounting, shipping etc. My childhood and artistically gifted friend, Sue, collaborated with me on design ideas and In October 2012 we received our first shipment of "Heart and Sole", My Soxy Feet's first sock design. They were created in honor and memory of my mother, avid runner and health nut. She was loved and admired for her warm heart and compassionate soul. When her life was robbed short from breast cancer in 2/2003, I wanted to contribute to the fight in finding a cure. The "Heart and Sole" socks were designed to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation and at "The Race for the Cure" , a group of fellow women runners including my dear friend, and long time breast cancer survivor, Darla, all proudly sported our new pink socks.

The journey of starting a new business when you have been a stay at home Mom for 25 years is scary! However, I live with no regret. I am grateful for the overwhelming love and support of my family and friends as well as the new friends I have met along the way. Fitness is a bridge that brings people together. It helps us focus on the good and discard the bad, build relationships with those that share a common and healthy life style and gives us the determination that when life changes to be tougher it's time to change ourselves to be stronger.

When your feet are smiling, your soul will follow!

Do you think you might like to represent My Soxy Feet?  Here is a link for information about becoming a Soxy Feet Brand Ambassador!!

Want to get your own super cute Soxy socks?  Use Code:  SOXYFRIENDS for 10% off!