Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Sad Rides

In two days we'll be leaving North Carolina and moving to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Bill and I are going to be closer to both of our families - so this is a good thing.  But I do have very mixed emotions about leaving the area and Sunset Beach.  I met some very nice people here in the three years that we've lived in NC.  I'm going to miss them.

I drove up to Fayetteville a couple weeks ago for a final ride with my friends there.  We had a nice turnout for the 83 mile ride to White Oak and back.   My good friend and fellow triathlete Carol Scheible even drove down from Chapel Hill to ride with me one last time. 

Beau, Tom, Carol, Jen, Mike, Me, Mary and Furman

I got to ride my new Felt B2-R tri bike that I got at Hawley's Bicycle World just two days before the ride!  Thanks to Mark Taylor who found me my awesome new bike!!! 

The following Wednesday I had my farewell ride with my friends, The Usual Suspects here on the coast.  My friend Jen Doyle drove down the day before and we spent the afternoon at Sunset Beach!  Mary Florian came down on Wednesday morning to ride with us too.  We did the Two Bridges-Two Beaches ride.  A very fitting goodbye ride to the beach. 

Ken, Bruce, Harvey, Steve and Me

I consider myself very lucky to have met such awesome people while I was here.  I am thankful that they welcomed me into their groups and treated me like I'd been one of them forever.

Good Bye My Friends.... I will never forget you.