Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Training in The Hub City

Note:  I've been trying to get this posted for about a week and a half.  Keep changing the dates.

We've been in Hattiesburg now for about two weeks.  I found a local Masters Swim on the USM campus with a really great coach and have been cycling with some of the local triathletes on the Longleaf Trace.  I'm kind of running the same out and back until I feel more comfortable with the area.
Longleaf Trace

My legs are pretty sore from training on the hills here and my knees are hurting from climbing the stairs at the corporate apartment we're in while we house hunt. Or it might be the saddle height on the Felt - adjusted it up a tiny bit today and the knees seemed better on my 58 mile ride this morning.  The temperature has been hovering around 100 degrees every day since we've been here - it's stoopid hot for June. 

We took the boys to Paul B. Johnson State Park last Sunday to run around and explore a trail. They had a good times running around with their happy goofy faces smiling from ear to ear.  They told me that they miss the beach and don't understand why they can't go.  We promised to take them to Dauphin Island soon.

I've signed up for four races so far in the area.  The Race Of Grace Triathlon on the 25th in Philadelphia, MS, The Sunfish Triathlon on July 9th in Meridian, MS and The Gator Bait Triathlon in Vicksburg, MS on August 27th.  I'm also racing River Cities in Shreveport, LA on August 7th - probably my most favorite race ever - I think this will make the 16th time I've raced there.

I've been lucky enough to find some triathletes for training rides.  They ride EARLY though compared to what I'm used to.  5:45am on Tuesday and Thursday and 6:00am on Saturdays.  They ride shorter distances than what I'm also used to riding.  Typically 30-35 miles but at a much higher intensity.  Today I got to ride with two girls, Judy and Deanna!!  They're both triathletes - it was fun gabbing like girls!  I got in 50 miles before it got too hot.  I'm going to do a bike fit for Judy tomorrow after Master's Swim!

My swimming is going well, the coach told me yesterday though that he is going to change my swim stroke completely... gee I didn't know what I did was that bad.  He said my turnover was way to fast and my left arm recovers okay but then flops at the last second flat into the water.  This is the first time anyone has ever told me this - I wonder if it's a bad habit I've formed from swimming alone.  In any case, it is nice to have a coach correcting my form.  If it makes me go faster or be more effecient in the water I'm all for it.  (I swam a set on Monday on the fastest 100 yd interval that I've been able to hold since High School -  looks like it's working!)

My first race here is this coming Saturday in Philadelphia, MS.   It's called the Race Of Grace.  I hope I finish with grace.  Be grateful when you're in a good mood and graceful when you're in a bad mood.