Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Weekend

What a great weekend!!  Saturday I met up with the local Ocean Isle Beach Cyclists for a ride.  The plan was for a 74 miler plus my 12 mile commute to the shop.  A rider from Greensboro showed up for the ride.  We had a tailwind out and the speed ramped up to 25+ when The Masher and our visitor went to the front.  We started out with 6 of us, dropped one on the way out.  Dropped two more on the way back - at the end it was just me and the two hammerheads into a headwind all the way back.  I thought I was going to hurl.  But I hung on until the end!!  Yay Me!!

Sunday was the perfect day!  Started out with a visit from the Easter Bunny then Bill and I ran an easy 3 miles on the golf course.  After we got home we packed up and went to Sunset Beach for some sun and relaxation in the form of a couple margaritas!  Back at home, made some dinner and then we took the boys for a walk - again on the golf course.  By then the course was closed and we were able to let them off leash to burn off some energy.

I met up with The Masher and The Dominator and Jimmy, the wrestling and cross country coach from the High School for a ride on Monday morning.  I wanted to do a few 3 mile intervals.  Again - nearing the hurl point.  Here is what my heart rate looked like.

Then I went to the pool to get in a swim.  Had a great swim until my last set - 14 x 50 @ :60.  In the next lane there was a guy (here we go again) wearing swim gloves who raced me for the first 25 of the 50, then hung on the wall for my next 50 and did it again and again and again.  Of course I beat him to the wall every time so then he started leaving a couple seconds early.  Aaaaarrruuuugggghhhhh.....  only this time when I got finished I turned to him and told him that I didn't mind him doing the intervals with me, but they were 50's on a minute and what he was doing was extremely irritating.   I'll chalk up my irritation to another cased of electrolyte imbalance.

I hope I'm ready for this coming Sunday!!