Friday, April 1, 2011

"Spanish Moss In My Hand Turn Me Into Crawfishman!"

My first race of the season is a month away on May 1st.  I'll be in south Louisiana racing the Crawfishman Triathlon!!  My husband is from New Orleans so we'll be road tripping as a family, and getting to eat some awesome N'awlins food while were there.  Crawfishman is known for it's post race party, but then most races in Louisiana seem to be known for the party!!  I was hoping my nephew who is in the Navy would be racing with me in his very first triathlon but it doesn't look like it's going to happen, darn. 

I enjoy going to races where no one knows you.  In some ways it takes off some of the "Performance Pressure".  But then again it's always fun to make the locals ask "Who the heck is that?"  I'll be wearing my Recovery e21 tri kit for this race!  It's pretty sweet looking - the back says: RECOVER FASTER TRAIN HARDER!  If you haven't checked it out go to the link and take a look - this stuff is awesome!!  Use code:  e21WINS for a 20% discount!

"The race was founded in 1983 by Charlie Hoolihan, Mark Salvetti and Rick Ramirez. We started with a three-race series 1983 and along the past 26 years we have received numerous awards and recognition for putting on a quality race in South Louisiana. We've come a long way since the first year.....the introduction of clipless bars....heck, we used to put up "changing rooms" for transitions!!!"  *

I've done this race a couple times that I can remember, maybe three times.  First in 1987 when it was known as the Crawfishman Causeway Cup.  I don't even know what the distances were back then.   Look at number 15 - there I am!!  I'm hoping for a better finish this year.  Wow I was only 26 years old!  How time flies. 

The second time I raced it there was a girl coming off the bike at the same time that I was this year and she told me afterwards that when she hit a little bump in the road just before the finish her front fork drop outs came completely off the front wheel - she'd forgotten to tighten her quick release when she put her wheel on!  Luckily it landed right back on the wheel or she would have been in for a nasty crash! Scary!! Triathlon Pointer - ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WHEELS!

In 1991 -  it was a Half Ironman distance and a Kona qualifier. It was my first half, I wish I had the results from that day - I have no idea of how I finished.  This picture was taken on the way to the swim start that year.  I remember that the waves were so rough in Lake Ponchatrain that a triathlete from Dallas had to be pulled from the water after an hour and a half of floundering around out in the lake.  It was one of those swims where you have to wait until you're on a crest of a wave to see the shoreline. 

I hope I do well, I'm not really ready so I'd better get out there and do some more training! 

*From the Crawfishman Triathlon website.