Sunday, September 3, 2017

Ironman Training - 10 Weeks Down - 9 To Go!

Just finished week 10 in my Ironman training. If you read my prior blog post, you know that I entered the game late. Up until last week it has been a constant mileage build for the bike and run. I am old school and instead of writing up my plan in a spreadsheet, I like to have it on paper. I wrote it using a combination of several plans, including Paula Newby-Fraser’s, Paul Huddle and Roch Frey, and Joe Friel and Gordo Byrn.

Because I started rather late in my training for IM Florida I didn’t schedule a Recovery Week until this past week. True to form, at the beginning of the recovery week I still felt really tired. Ah, but by yesterday not only was my motivation back, but also the spring in my legs.

New Birks for when I'm not training!

The week concluded with a 50 mile bike followed by a 2 mile transition run. The ride was with my local bike club, and it was hilly and challenging, but I was able to crank out two 8:30 miles off bike. The day before I swam 4500 yards, rode 23, and ran 2 off the bike, and was only able to manage 8:45’s. And then today I just had a 4-5 mile easy recovery run, the weather is cooler and I averaged 8:39! Which is my typical end of the run pace at this distance (pre-Ironman training).

Fun Socks that match my Cobb Mobb Kit!

Nine weeks left before the race! I have three more Base Weeks, followed by another Recovery Week. Then two Hard Weeks, and then the Taper begins. Some people taper for two weeks, I’m using a three week taper, going 75% volume for week 1, 50% for week 2, and Race Week will be at about 25% volume.

My Cobb Saddle is saving my butt on the long rides!

My nutrition plan is also going well, and last night I put it all down on paper, planning calories, CHO, and electrolytes for the bike and run.

So far so good! I’ve crested the hill and am rolling down the other side toward Race Day!!

TRISLIDE is saving my feet on the long runs!