Saturday, May 4, 2013

Team Aquaphor 2013!!! I'M BACK!!

Formal announcements for the Team Aquaphor 2013 are out and I AM IN!! My 6th year to represent Aquaphor and Active Ambassadors! All I can say is Happy Happy Joy Joy!! I love this team!

The team is in it's 8th year and Aquaphor has been a fantastic sponsor!  We have a new manager at Active Ambassadors and Alana is doing a great job! It's funny how just after announcements went out my training ramped up... coincidence? I think not! I've said it before and I'll say it again, being on this team makes me take my training and racing to a completely different level than before I was sponsored.

First race wearing the kit is tomorrow at the Crawfishman Triathlon in South Louisiana!  Here is a link to my race report from last year. I'm looking forward to tomorrow although I am in nowhere near the shape that I was last year for the race.  Ugh...  I'm afraid it's going to hurt.

Can't wait to represent for Team Aquaphor tomorrow! There is a nice size group of triathletes going from Hattiesburg!  My friends from last year and three more girls who swim Masters with me!  Let you know how it goes!