Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Swim Shape

The water temperature at the pool where I swim has been out of control for the last couple weeks. One day it was 87 degrees!! The Senior Group swimmers were getting so overheated that one of them actually got sick and threw up from getting overheated! The air temperature in the natatorium is also much too warm. This combination = BAD. They were getting out of the pool periodically and going outside to cool down.  Steam was coming off of them like they were on fire!

So workouts eased up, more drills and less high yardage and intensity. You've got to be smart under these conditions and the coaches did the right thing. Masters workouts have been averaging only about 2000 yards.

But yesterday morning the water was almost back to normal so at Masters swim we had a bigger workout.  4000 yards by the end of practice.  The main set was 8 x 100 - 4 on the 1:30 and then 4 on the 1:25. There was supposed to be another round after that with the intervals at 1:25 and 1:20. Coach changed our lane to 75's on the 1:15 and 1:20 descend (very doable). Usually these times would not be any kind of a stretch or issue for me to make the intervals (well... the 1:20's would have been). But yesterday.... UGH!  I made the 1:30's just fine, nothing spectacular in my times. The 1:25's... not so much. Came in on the first one on 1:24 peeked at the clock and took off again. Needless to say I backed the other 3 off to 1:30. Pathetic!

You can swim 3 times a week and lose some of your upper end fitness if you're just lolly gagging around in the water. Granted what we did in drills is very important and beneficial but what we missed in the more intense training showed up when the yardage increased.

Yesterday afternoon I felt the soreness in my shoulders and upper body starting to build. This morning when I woke up it felt like I'd done a heavy lifting session in the gym. I feel like a wimp!  Oh Boy... I can't wait until tomorrow morning....