Friday, February 17, 2012

Me, Really?? Top 125 Triathlon Blogs of 2012

Michele, one of the peeps who read my blog left me a message yesterday letting me know that my blog was chosen as one of the Top 125 Triathlon Blogs of 2012!   How totally cool is that??  Check #82!!  I'm not sure how I got chosen but I'll take it!  :)

Here is Terry's post from his website "Triathlon Training Schedule"!  Thank you Terry!! I hope you don't mind me reposting!! 

Top 125 Triathlon Blogs of 2012

A belated Happy New Year to all you great triathletes out there!
In the spirit of new beginnings, I thought I’d share with you some of the great training blogs out there that you need to be following in 2012! These great sites are where I turn to for inspiration, motivation and just great down-time entertainment.

Top Triathlon Blogs

I love reading about other people’s adventures, and it’s great to be able to share experiences and tips so easily online.

Check them out!
I know many of the blog owners, but if we haven’t been introduced, then come and say hi!
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The Top 125 Triathlon Blogs
125. TriMadness. If you are absolutely mad about triathlons, then you will love this web site.

124. TX Runner Mom. This is not your average mom. This mom loves to run, and she does it well.

123. Tri-Karen-Tri. Karen does much more than try! She loves to run in triathlons too.

122. Running To Sanity. Can running keep you sane? This blog will answer that question.

121. Run Jodi Run. Some moms like to stay in the kitchen. This one loves to run!

120. Running For My Father. Running for your father can quickly lead to a running addiction like it did here.

119. Chasing My Joy. A blog about one woman’s challenge to become an ironman.

118. A long road. Can a big family stop one man from doing the Ironman? This blog will tell you.

117. mn Firefly’s Running. Denise tells you everything about her running journey and the path she chooses in life.

116. Tri-ing My Hardest. Follow Carly as she tries to balance life, love, and triathlon training.

115. Triing To Be Fit Mom. One mom’s journey to be fit, by training for triathlons.

114. Running, Tri-ing and Living. Running, triathlons and life can be a challenge. Ana Marie does it well.

113. The Runners Bug. Find out what motivates this runner. Maybe you will catch the running bug.

112. Two Three Hours A Week. How long does it take to maximize your fitness? This guy will tell you.

111. On The Edge. Living life on the edge and training has its benefits.

110. Smoke Training. From a massive smoker, to a massive triathlon runner. Follow this interesting story!

109. The Trial of Miles, Miles of Trials. Can she continue to run triathlons? This blog details the adventures of one woman.

108. Triathlete Diva. She is a diva, and she is a triathlete. Two great combinations that make for a great blog.

107. Sweat Once A Day. Follow one woman’s journey to sweat – all in good health!

106. That Runner Chick. A diary of sorts that catalogues Courtney’s workouts and food intake.

105. Running Slowly 2 The Finish. Can Pam turn herself into a marathon runner? This blog will give you the details.

104. The Lazy Triathlete. How can one lazy triathlete keep crossing the finish line?

103. Running With Whit. Join Whitney in her adventures in life and triathlon training.

102. Swim Bike Run – The Life Of A Triathlete. Other exercise programs failed, but for this person, triathlons did not.

101. The Misadventures Of A Jogging Stroller Mom. This mom loves to swim, run, and compete, but she used to hate all three!

100. Slowly Tri-ing. A woman with an average life that just happens to include triathlons.

99. Slow Is The New Fast. Life, running, and how one person has used running to recover from injury.

98. Pedestrian Runner. Country music and triathlon running? Who would have thought that they would work so well together.

97. Finishing Is Winning. Finish everything you start and you have a solid recipe for triathlon success.

96. Do or Do Not There Is No Tri. The trials and tribulations of one triathlete.

95. Adventure Seeker. Can you keep up with this challenging person as they jump from adventure to adventure.

94. Ironman By Thirty. Can he become an Ironman by the time he hits thirty? Find out in this blog.

93. Sage Rountree: Yoga for Athletes, Training for Running and Triathlon. Can Yoga help you train for a triathlon? Read this blog to find out.

92. Nichole’s Running Blog. She runs. She Blogs. Follow her trials an tribulations on her blog.

91. Newbie Triathlete. Learning about triathlons as a newbie. This professional father tells his story.

90. “the original” 140 Point 6 Miles…Of Awesome!!. A diary of his day by day training for his third Ironman.

89. One Run At A Time. Katie loves to run, and she loves to blog. Sounds like a winning plan!

88. Becoming Triathlete. Can a couch potato become a triathlete? Find out in this blog.

87. Julie’s Triathlon Journal. Julie blogs. She also does triathlons, and she posts videos. What a great concept.

86. Kacie Tri-ing. Kacie trains for triathlons and posts her info to this blog.

85. The Lazy Marathoner. Can this lazy runner do what it takes to train for the Ironman?

84. Just Running For Fun. A blog that keeps track of Diana’s runs.

83. MCM Mama. A mom and how she has used running to overcome postpartum depression.

82. Living The Tri Life. 27 years of racing all detailed in one blog. Fascinating!

81. How Far Is That Ironman?. Find out how triathlons have become a lifestyle for this 10 time Ironman runner.

80. Living The Dream. A wife and a mother that is living her dream and running the whole way.

79. Always A Reason To Run. A mother of two that teaches for a profession and runs as an obsession.

78. Miles, Muscles & Mommyhood. Can a mother compete, stay in shape, train for triathlons and stay in shape?

77. Shut Up + Run. A wild and crazy suburban housewife that loves to run and write. Read her blog to find out more.

76. Tri-Dogman. A daily diary of one women’s crazy workouts, life, fun and exercise.

75. Slow Fat Triathlete. Find out how you can train for a triathlon, transform your body and have a good time doing it.

74. Wife, Mother, Athlete. Find out what makes this wife and mother a great athlete. Does she train and compete in triathlons?

73. The Adventures Of TriSaraTop. One women tries to combine being a mother with being a Ironman.

72. I Tri To Be Me. How hard is it to balance life, be a mother, train for triathlons, and be a vegetarian?

71. 21 Days. Life, love, family and training. Follow this one as she manages to keep it all together.

70. Runninghood. One women’s thoughts on what it is like to be a mom, a runner, and enjoy life.

69. Running Jayhawk. Do you have what it take to be an Ironman? This blog attempts to answer that question.

68. Running Into The Sun. All about running, cooking, singing opera? And petting cats. An interesting blog on life and training.

67. Running Stories. Where do you like to run? Find out where this one likes to run by reading this blog.

66. edebitetto duztri. Doing what it takes to train and compete in triathlons. A blog worth reading and following.

65. TriMarni. Marni blogs about the things that she likes the most. Food, Exercise and Life!

64. ”Tri”ing For Pro. What does it take to transform from a novice triathlete to a pro triathlete? Read to find out.

63. Swim Bike Mom. Can a mother of two do what it takes to swim, bike, and still manage a family?

62. Aim High. Proving people wrong by accomplishing impossible tasks is what this blog is all about.

61. Diana’s blog-My Life with Kettlebells. Count on life, be full of changes. Find out how this women handles all of those changes with exercise.

60. Racing With Babies. Are there superheros in real life? This blog says that there is.

59. Runner’s Rambles. The ramblings of an avid runner in a convenient blog format.

58. Run Bitch Run. Stats and details from one bitch that loves to run. This couch potato has become a marathon runner.

57. Lily On The Road. Do what you can for yourself, and others will follow. Stay true by keeping fit.

56. Project Procrastination. Don’t put it off. Find out how this person has become a triathlete!

55. California Training. Find plenty of inspiration, learn from her mistakes and see what it takes to become a professional triathlete.

54. Chasin Bunnies. Exercising can become a good habit. Find out what this middle aged women likes to do for exercise.

53. Caution: Redhead Running. Find ouot how this redhead has made running her adventure in life.

52. Girl In Motion. She runs, eats and live. She keeps track of her thoughts, races and training in this blog.

51. Becoming Timberman. Follow this man as he runs, trains and becomes a better person and he keeps track with his blog.

50. Barefoot Angie Bee. A mother of four runs and trains with no shoes… but it is more than running barefoot.

49. Runner’s Rambles. A great blog about Aron and how she has made the journey from non runner to a marathon runner.

48. JerBear Shares. Jeri has become a marathon runner. Her blog takes a peak inside her life and her obsession for running.

47. The Hungry Runner Girl. Yummy food and running. Two great choices. Watch them play out in real life in this blog.

46. The Hungry Triathlete. What started as running for others, has turned in to running for everyone.

45. Jenn Sommermann Triathlete For A Cure. Can competing in a triathlon help beat cancer? For Jenn Sommermann it can.

44. Tea and Cake. Tea, Cakes, running, snow, and more cakes. An interesting blog about an interesting person.

43. Jess Runs. Is life funner with a runner? This blog will answer the age old question.

42. Swim Bike Run Live. A blog about a runner turned athlete. Read more to see how she did it.

41. Run Faster Mommy. Moms can run to! Read all about the adventures of this mom on the run.

40. Run Away Fast. The chronicles of one woman and her goal to become an Olympic marathon runner.

39. Run Girl Run. Can she continue to run? This blog will tell you that, and more, about this women and running.

38. I’m A Sleeper Baker. A mom who loves to run, loves to compete in triathlons, and love to cook and eat great food.

37. Heffer Blog. Running and blogging with some real life and swimming mixed in. Could this be the recipe for a Tri?

36. Katy Widrick. Find out how this woman lives a healthy lifestyle in a hectic world.

35. Shut Up And Run. Just like the title says. You had better shut up and start running to get the most out of things.

34. She Wears A Red Sox Cap. Another blog about yet another healthy living story. Good stuff.

33. Skinny Runner. Running, staying healthy, staying skinny, and living a good life. This is what it is all about.

32. Ditch The Tiara. 54 marathons and four Ironman finishes, Kristina tells you all about it on this blog.

31. Decaf, Please. This stay at home mom shares her life with the world in her blog about life, running, and more life.

30. (RDM) Running Diva Mom. A mother and a diva and a runner. This single mom of two loves to run.

29. Nurse On The Run. Can she be a nurse and run too? How about a marathon runner and a nurse and a coach. Read more to find out.

28. Run With Me. This blog is about running, life and music. Threes great things that we all enjoy.

27. No Rolldown. The clock is ticking for this triathlon runner. Read about how she manages it all.

26. Run With Kate. Can you run with Kate? The real question is can you keep up?

25. Tri This Fleck’s Blog. A great blog about triathlons and other great endurance sports.

24. Run To The Finish. Amanda Brooks lives in Miami and loves living a healthy lifestyle. Read this blog to find out more.

23. Running With A Bottle Of Wine. Two great things that most of us love. Running and wine are fine (just not at the same exact time!)

22. Debby Weighs In. One person’s thoughts on weight loss and life. Learn how she does it all.

21. Angelina Naeth Elite Triathlete. This triathlete turned pro in 2008. How does she handle life and exercise and everything else.

20. Commit To Be Fit. If you don’t like to sit still, then this blog is for you. Find out about health and fitness.

19. Clydesdales have big bikes. A great blog about life and exercise and how one person manages to do it all.

18. Triathlon And Stuff. Brian is a triathlon coach from Tucson, Arizona. Read about his life and how he has been coaching for 15 years.

17. Absolut(ly) Fit. A world record breaker? She is the youngest woman to run a marathon in all 50 states.

16. Adam Zucco Training Bible Coaching. A husband , a father, a coach and a triathlete. Read how he manages to do it all.

15. Elizabeth Waterstraat. Don’t wait to do it. Start training now and get into the race.

14. Colleen’s Triathlon Training Blog. A mother with a big family who loves everything that life has to offer – especially running and competing in a endurance events.

13. Dare To Tri. This blog is about a 30 year old special education teacher that works, and works out hard. She is a runner and a triathlete.

12. Coffee For The Brain. A blog about training for the next triathlon. Run, bike and swim.

11. Ethan Brown Professional Triathlete. Racing on the road. Find out what it is like. Running, biking and competing in triathlons.

10. Fast At Forty. What does it take to become extremely fast at the age of 40? This blog will tell you.

9. Fit This Girl. Need some running tips, race recaps or information on coaching? Find all that and more at this blog.

8. A Year To Ten Percent. Trying to get to ten percent body fat and learning how to deal with life at the same time.

7. BREE WEE A Mom And A Triathlete. A surfer girl from Florida who packed her bags and moved to Hawaii to compete in an Ironman competition.

6. Another Mother Runner. Just like the title says. This blog is about yet another Mother who is a runner. Dimity and Sarah provide me with some of my favorite running content.

5. It’s You vs Can’t, You vs Excuses, You vs. the Odds–Let’s see what You’ve Got. A blog about a certified triathlon runner and a coach. Ange has completed four Ironman competitions and her stories pack some punch..

4. Frayed Laces. Anyone can run a marathon as long as they have the desire to do it. This blog will prove it to you. Simples!

3. Workout Mommy: Fitness Tips. I check into this site every couple of days to get inspired by this fitness mom. A great resource for exercising and motivation. Triathlon is a major focus for Lisa but she also covers a broader spectrum of general fitness and well-being.

2. Swim Bike Run Live. A diary from one man who decided that he would become an Olympic distance triathlete in 2007. Since then, Jamie has focused on SwimBikeRunLive and continues to inspire me with every post.

1. Diary Of An Amateur Athlete. A blog about Rachel – she is obsessed with triathlons and has been providing an in-depth motivational description of her adventures since 2005. Read this great diary to see how she does it.