Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Check Out FinishTags™!!!

I'm definitely a believer in keeping some form of ID on you when you ride or run (or even swim for that matter).  I have a sticker in my bike helmet with Bill's phone number on it (I think I remember reading somewhere that if you're in a bike crash and have to be taken by ambulance to the hospital that EMS is required to take your bike helmet with them) and a Road I.D. tag on my running shoe.  But I know that most of the people that I train with don't carry any kind of identification with them.  I know we would call 911 if one of us were seriously injured but how would we get in touch with each other's spouses?

I saw a sidebar link on Facebook (at least I think that's where I saw it) the other day for FinishTags™ by FinishSafe™ and decided to order a set.  A week or so later I got my very cool set of Emergency Medical Information tags in the mail.  There is a Wallet Card, a Bike Tag, a Luggage Tag, two Shoe FinishTags,™ and a Key FinishTag™.  

On the website you enter all of your Medical and Contact Information. On your card is a LIFEPIN®  number that when texted to the listed phone number or entered on the FINISHSAFE.COM website it pulls up all of your Emergency Medical Information. 

The individual tags punch out of the plastic card.

After I got my tags I was curious and went to the website to see what my information looked like.  You can also edit your page whenever you need.  Listed is all of my Personal Information,  Allergies, Medical Information, Previous Injuries, Medical Conditions, Medications, Emergency Contacts, Physician Contacts and Insurance Information. 

The best part?? These tags are free! Take a minute to check out the site and see what you think! I think they're pretty neat.

So I'm going to put one of these tags on my swim bag - heaven forbid I would need medical assistance at the pool.  One on my helmet strap.  One on all of my running shoes.  One on my key chain and one on or in my bike saddle bag for good measure!  And one in my wallet.

I hope all of you reading this have some type of identification with emergency phone numbers on it with you while you train.  If you don't you might consider ordering a set of these awesome little tags!!