Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday Workout

I did a different kind of workout on Black Friday.  My husband, Bill manages a large department store and I volunteered (hello??? what was I thinking???) to come in at
3:00 am when they opened and help in the shoe department.  I got there at 3:05 and the line was still filing in the door.   The first 250 customers in the door received a gift card and one of them was for $1000!!!!!!!!

By 3:10 am it was jam packed.  People looked like they were in a feeding frenzy over the $19.99 boots that were for sale.  (I have to admit - it was a great deal!)  I saw people with stacks of 5-6 pair of boots!!  We found discarded and stray pair all over the store throughout the day.  I've never seen anything like it.  It was like a feeding frenzy. 

The poor tables were absolutely demolished - and under the tables.... an unbelievable mess. I was assigned the task of "trying" to put the shoes left all over the place back with like animals and picking up the "trash" that came from all the paper and inserts in the shoes.  I have never squatted and bent down more times in the 10 hours that I worked than ever before.  Talk about a good workout.  (secretly I know I'm getting a good workout, so I enjoy going in to help).  (Hello..... what is wrong with this picture???)  

Saturday and then also on Sunday the soreness in my low back and adductors let me know just how many times I used them.  I am a glutton for punishment.  But you know what... it was worth it knowing that I helped Bill and his store have an amazing Black Friday.  And... I didn't buy a single thing!  That day anyway.