Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Off Season

A couple weeks ago I was SO not ready for tri season to end.  Today... I'm feeling a little differently about it.  The weather turned really chilly last night.  I met up with my training friends at the Mighty Magnolia Triathlon course to ride, run and swim a little and it was darn right cold this morning.  I would have liked to do a leisurely bike ride at 9am or so instead of the 7am start time we set.  I'm tired of hammering out every workout, I miss the conversational rides and am looking forward to them this fall and winter.  My friends all use a coach who gives them direction for pretty much every workout and I've been tagging along and obviously reaping the benefits, but this isn't how I've trained and raced for my 26 years.  And honestly I think that my casual attitude has been what has kept me in the sport and racing for so long.  Granted - the direction and coaching works but mentally it's beating me down to have every workout so scheduled.

I met Judy on the trace yesterday around noon for a run - and I thought we were just going to meet for an easy run.  Nope - 4 miles of effort.  I'm tired now.  I'm ready to relax.  I'm ready for the off season.

One more race for me - next Saturday here in Hattiesburg.  The local race!  Feeling a lot of pressure to do well.  Hope I can pull out one more solid effort.