Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long Leaf Trace Century

Riding the Longleaf Trace Century this Saturday!  If I remember correctly the last century that I rode was summer before last in North Carolina.  I will admit that I'm a little concerned that I'll be dropped by my Saturday roadie cycling friends or worse... bonk! 

My training partners are all being smart and declining the challenge.  The tri-bike is staying at home for this one and Ruby (my Specialized road bike) will be my ride for the day.

I rode by myself last Saturday - everyone was either busy or doing a mountain bike race out of town.   Just before the turn around I came across this little fellow!  I called him and he came across the field to me so I rewarded him with my peanut butter crackers!  He was a very sweet little guy and took the crackers very gently.  One of my friends from Sunset Beach mentioned that he sometimes does his solo rides with a camera.  What a great idea I'm taking a real camera with me next time I ride by myself!!! 

My new friend!!