Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Clipless Pedal Initiation

So I went to my favorite bike shop last Thursday, Hawley's Bicycle World!!  Got to see and visit with some good friends!  I picked up some mountain bike shoes and clipless pedals for Bill's bike and put them on his Rockhopper the next day. 

A couple days later we took the bikes out for a ride on the abandoned golf course across the street from where we live.  I gave Bill some basic instruction on clipless pedals.  In typical husband fashion he listened to part of what I said and claimed he knew what to do.  We started off down the road and in just a few hundred feet realized we were underdressed and turned back to go and get our wind vests. 

We pulled up onto the driveway and came to a stop by the garage door.  I got there first and was off my bike to get the garage door opener, turned to watch as Bill came up the driveway.  He rolled up to a stop, a complete stop, hovered for a moment and then ..... fell over onto his side, feet still clipped into the pedals.  At  first I was worried, then when I saw him smiling I couldn't help myself, I cracked up laughing.  Do you remember the guy on the tricycle on "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In"?  I wish I'd had a camera!  Bill stayed there on the driveway for a minute - flat on his back, both of us laughing so hard that my face started to hurt. 

It's pretty much a given that the first or second time you get clipless pedals that you're going to fall over.  I've done it, I think everyone I know has fallen.  Bill has a couple of bruises, a couple of scrapes on his knee and a sore wrist.  (Yes, he was wearing a helmet.) 

You know what they say about cyclists?  There are two kinds.... "Those who have fallen, and those who are going to fall."   Initiation complete!