Sunday, April 9, 2017

Swim Challenge Week and TRISWIM to the Rescue!

The Bat Cap! Team BSC!

I have some friends who do a big swim block challenge week - also known as The Bat Cap Challenge! Michelle has done big yardage, 45-50K over 8 days. Krista just finished one of over 30K in 7 days (I think she finished off day 8 with an added 51x100 Birthday Swim for a friend of hers). I know these girls from the Recovery e21 race team that we were all on several years ago.

Team Recovery e21 at the Crawfishman Triathlon!

The pool where I swim is closed on Sundays so I’m going to go for the 30K in 6 days. (Maybe sneak in an open water swim on Day 7). I’ve recruited Margaret, a friend of mine who is on the Alabama Triathlon Team. And a couple other girls, Averi, and Jessica (also Alabama Triathletes) who may make it for all or some of the challenge!

Margaret and Me at Tri It On triathlon several years ago!

Some of the workouts I got from Krista’s challenge week, some from Tower 26 Be Race Ready Podcasts, and some of my own.

Please feel free to join us!!

Here are the workouts!


Day 1:  5000
1000 w/u negative split
10x50 @1:00 25 fast/25 ez

2x (200 @3:00 FAST
       300 @5:30 cruise
       500 @7:45 FAST
       300 @5:30 cruise)
200 @3:00 FAST

500 PBB ez c/d (Paddles, Buoy, Band)
100 ez kick

Day 2:  5100
700 ez
8x100 @ Progressive by 2, :20 rest (fins) 50 kick/50 swim
                 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%

Pre Main:
5x100 @75% with :10 rest
5x75 @80% with :15 rest
5x50 @85% with :15 rest
5x25 @90% with :20 rest


6 x (1x100 Max Effort :15 rest
        1x200 @65% Recover with :45 rest)

100 ez

Day 3:  4500
400 ez
300 25 kick/75 swim
4x75 @1:20 desc 1-4

4x150 @2:40 (paddles 2:30)
6X100 @1:50
3x150 @2:40
5x100 @1:45
2x150 @2:40
4x100 @1:40
1x150 @2:40
3x100 @1:35

200 cd

Day 4:  6400
1000 wu
8x50 kick fins @Progressive
8x50 swim fins ez/fast by 25
200 ez

10x400 @6:30 Hold Pace

2x200 ez

Day 5:  4000
1000 ez 75 free/ 25 non-free

2x ( 3x100 @1:40 FAST
        300 @5:00 ez
        2x150 @2:30 – 50 FAST / 100 ez)
*round 2 PPB

1000 Locomotor straight swim
25/25, 50/50, 75/75, 100/100, 75/75, 50/50, 25/25 (FAST/EZ)

200 ez

Day 6:  5000
500 ez
6X100 Kick @Progressive with :20 rest (Snorkel, Fins, Board)
1x400 Swim @70% (Snorkel, Fins)

5x (200 @3:30 <3:05
      100 @1:50  <1:26
     500 paddles, buoy, band
     500 paddles, buoy
     500 paddles

3x100 (50 kick / 50 swim)

200 ez

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I did my first open water swim last weekend with the Alabama Triathletes, and brought them all samples of FOGGIES, and SKIN SLICK. Gave them a little OWS coaching before we all headed out at Lake Tuscaloosa for an awesome swim!! They're all racing the month at USAT Collegiate Nationals which is being held here in Tuscaloosa! I'm volunteering for the race, working Transition so I can see the circus!!

Alabama Triathlon Team

Roll Tri Roll!