Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This is My "Why" - Coach Cori Moore

I just read something that really struck a chord. I could not have said it better and I want to share Cori's words with you. Please share these thoughts, and keep them in close when self doubts start creeping into your mind!

"So, I'm just thinking out loud here (literally a monologue). My passion in life is empowering others, especially women, because we're hard on ourselves and each other, we *want* to reach our goals, and yet, we're often the ones in our own way. And we aren't always each other’s champions.

I've chosen to address this issue via endurance sports, coaching, creating women specific events. Here are my thoughts though...

Women often avoid getting into sports because of other women. The comparison. The I’m not good enoughs’, I don't know enoughs'... and whether we admit it or not, many of us are scared to look stupid - in front of other women.

I've experienced this and still do quite frequently. So how do you inspire women to get out of their comfort zones and into the zones they 'feel' they are the most judged?

I want to change that atmosphere. I know, and so many others know, just how much growth can happen mentally and emotionally, when you accomplish something physically. It crosses over... that confidence and that motivation. It's contagious. The self-discipline, the hard work, the habits of pushing yourself in training transfers to other areas in your life.

This is my 'why'."

Cori Moore
iTRI365 Coach & Owner

"Be Each Other's Champions!" You are good enough!