Saturday, August 23, 2014

Worlds Away!! ITU World Triathlon Edmonton

My "A" race of the season is almost here! Bill and I will be heading to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada this coming Thursday!! I am competing in the World Short Course Triathlon Championships. And I am nervous!

At this point my nerves stem primarily about the logistics of the race AND the fact that my swim wave of Female 50-54 goes off last. I hope I'm not the last person to cross the finish line.

My sister Connie, flies in on Monday. She is going to puppy sit for Phoenix and Bogey! I can't wait to see her! We don't leave until Thursday so we will get to spend a few days together!

There is a page on Facebook about the race and they've started posting water temperatures. I had no idea that ITU (International Triathlon Union) has a different set of wetsuit guidelines than USAT (USA Triathlon). Here in the states the cut off temperature for wetsuits is 78 degrees. I've always thought this was too high. You really don't need a wetsuit in that temperature water and it always amuses me when you hear the chatter on race morning when the water is close to the cut off. At River Cities this year, which is typically a really, really hot race there were rumors going through the crowd that it was wetsuit legal and how people had wished that they had brought their suits.

Here is the chart for ITU racing.   [°F] = [°C] × 9/5 + 32

22 degrees C is 71.6 F. When we first got back in the outdoor pool with COSST this year the water was right about that same temperature. It was chilly but as long as you kept moving it was fine, AND the sun was out and the air temperature was nice and warm. It may be a chilly morning on race day. I just pulled up the temperature and it is 32 degrees right now in Edmonton.....brrrrr....... Yesterday morning at 8am they posted that the water was 19 C (that's 66.2). I'm glad I just got a long sleeved wetsuit! I have a great discount code from my friend Becky for Xterra Wetsuits! I got a $400 Xterra Vortex suit for $149! Let me know if you would like the code!!

Things to remember to bring:

Toe Covers for my cycling shoes
Hot Hands
Throw away gloves for the bike! Tri Tyler Race Report
Mylar blanket for prerace wait.

It's time to start packing!!