Monday, March 24, 2014

First Tri of The Season! Are You Ready??

My first triathlon of the season is this coming Sunday! Don't have my Cobb Mobb kit yet, need to figure out what to wear!

I'll be racing the sprint at TriTyler Half. This is the race's third year in existence and this year they added a sprint to go along with the half and Olympic distance race. It's touted as "Texas' Hardest Half".  Uh oh...

I've had several set backs this year - the latest of which was bruising my heels when I jumped into the shallow end of the pool at LSUS during a breaststroke clinic we held for the JV1 kids that I coach with COSST. Have you ever thought that the water was deeper than it really was? I came down full force in 3 feet of water. I thought that I might have broken a bone, it hurt that badly. X-ray, crutches, some Mobic, and no running. Stupid. I ran yesterday morning for the first time in two weeks - heel was tender and it's pretty sore tonight but I think I'll be able to train on it this week.

Got this nice little certificate in the mail this week:

Finished the requirements to be ASCA Level 1 certified (American Swim Coaches Association), and got this certificate too: 

Booked our room and flights to Edmonton, Canada for the World Short Course Triathlon Championships! 

This is inspiring:  VIDEO LINK
And now some really sad news - Aquaphor has decided to focus on Moms and is not going to sponsor a team this year. It's been a really good run with Team Aquaphor and I will miss it. I've been on the team for 6 years, there are some who have been with Aquaphor for then entire 8 years that it has been in existence. I call a lot of the people on the team, friends, even though I have never met them in person. This team has been my inspiration to get faster and I am sad that it is going away. I am glad that we have a super secret page and can keep in touch with each other, but it's just not going to be the same.