Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Carrot

Just signed up for a race next weekend!  The Girl Power Triathlon in New Orleans!

My friend Denise asked me yesterday during Masters swim if I'd be interested in going with her to New Orleans next weekend to race the Girl Power Triathlon!  We were about to start a set which started with a 400 negative splitting the second half and I got so into thinking about going to the race that I thought we were finished after the 300.  Shows you what not concentrating on you swim will do to you!

The Girl Power Tri is really short race with a pool swim. 300 meters / 10 Mile / 2 Mile.  I am totally not in any shape to do a triathlon right now.  My running and cycling have been so sporadic and basically absent for the last few months, but what the heck!  It'll be over in less than an hour and I'm going to Cowboy Up and go for it.

I really, really, really, really don't like pool swims.  This one is 300 meters and we think the pool will be set up for long course (50 meters).  I hope so.  My dislike for pool swims comes from the fact that most (and I use that term loosely) people intentionally underestimate their swim time when they register for the race.  In every triathlon I've done with a pool swim I enter a time that is pretty aggressive, as in pretty much faster than I know I can swim, and every time there is a giant bottleneck of people ahead of me from some dufus who seeds with a totally unrealistic swim time.  Watch the little video below, you'll see what I mean!

My name isn't Steve but this is pretty common for a pool swim tri!
Click this link:

Denise seeded her self with a realistic time, I am going to call her today and suggest that she contact the race and change her time to something faster. She is a really good swimmer and I can forsee what is going to happen to her during the swim.  Chaos!!

Ran yesterday like I meant it.  See what the carrot can do for you?