Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mother Hen Syndrome

I've been told that I'm like a Mother Hen by my training partners.  Should I be offended by this reputation?? 

Usually I find that I've been riding and racing longer than all of the people that I train with combined and just like to feed them tidbits of information that I think will help them get better.  Or at least be more efficient??  Is this a bad thing?? 

I think for the most part the info that I pass along falls on deaf ears.  I notice the silent eye communication between them and the under the breath giggles.  I can't tell if they're serious or joking.  I have thin skin and sometimes it hurts my feelings.

Maybe I should just stop.  I honestly feel that what I've learned over the years can help so many others but maybe I should just worry about myself.  Maybe this will be my New Year's Resolution. 

What do you think??