Thursday, July 21, 2011

At The Track

In my desire to train with people rather than solo I found myself at the track this morning with Deanna, Lesley and Chris (coaching) for a "nice" interval workout.  What the heck am I thinking!!!  I  haven't done a track workout since 1992 in Dallas when Chris Phelan organized his Tuesday Night Track workouts.  Somewhere in my file cabinet I still have a torn up little piece of paper with my splits on it from one of those workouts.

This morning we met at 8:00ish.... for a set of 2x200 / 2x400 / 2x600/ 2x400 / 2x200 with a mile warm up and half mile cool down.  The goal - even pacing.  Sub 5K pace. It is warm out 80 degrees with 82% humidity - feels like 98 according to AccuWeather.  I was thinking 7:00 minute pace would be good.  But.... it's the track... so what do we do???  Run fast.  Deanna, Lesley and I are like little Energizer Bunnies - wind us up and off we go! 

Here is what I downloaded from my Garmin after I got home.  (Missed a couple of the splits due to operator error - doh!)

Lap     Pace    HR Avg/Max
200     -
200     -          
400     5:54     159/179
400     5:54     160/179
600     6:20     165/175
600     6:12     168/179
400     5:59     165/178
400     6:02     166/179
200     -
200     4:40     159/175 

The best part?  Coffee at Starbucks afterwards with friends!